Student Advising Responsibilities


  1. Know and understand the College’s general Academic Policies (see current GCC Bulletin)  This includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Important dates/deadlines

    2. Fee requirements

    3. Graduation requirements

    4. Academic integrity

    5. General education requirements (Humanities courses, foreign language requirement, chapel attendance, etc.)

  2. Know and understand the College’s specific Academic Policies related to your major(s) (see GCC Bulletin issued during your year of matriculation to GCC)

    1. Four-year overview of your course of study

    2. Implications to your course of study if you pursue International study

    3. Implications of a change of major (including adding/dropping)

  3. Initiate and maintain regular contact with your advisor (at least once per semester)

  4. Formulate personal, academic, and professional goals and have specific questions prepared for your advising appointments (best kept in an “advising notebook” that you might start during your first appointment and keep throughout)

  5. Regularly communicate your interests, aptitudes, past successes, beliefs, and values to your advisor in order to enable him or her to better understand you holistically

  6. Know, understand, and fully utilize all of the “support services” offered by the College, e.g. Career Services, Registrar's Office, Office of Student Life and Learning, etc.

  7. Obtain required signatures on all forms relating to registration

  8. Keep copies of all forms and correspondence related to registration

  9. Review your academic progress with your advisor on an annual basis

  10. Assume complete responsibility for your academic and professional choices