Grove City College—Tips for Academic Success

At Grove City College we want to maximize learning for all our students.  Below are the main areas in the order you are likely to encounter them in college, as well as some suggested links that can further aid you in your quest towards academic success at Grove City.  Additionally, however, we want to encourage you to seek help early if you find yourself struggling academically.  Thus, the bottom of the page provides suggested resources specific to Grove City College.  May God bless you as you seek to glorify him in your studies!    


Time management is often overlooked by many students when analyzing their success (or failure) as a student.  However, time management and organizational skills are fundamental and are often the first indicator of a successful (or unsuccessful) student.

·         General Time Management Tips

·         Creating a Successful Schedule

Additional Links: 

Time Management Quiz: This interactive quiz offers thought provoking questions about how you use your time.


Active listening goes beyond simply hearing a lecture.  Instead, it involves purposeful engagement and processing of the information.  Although it includes more effort up front, active listening and effective note-taking can save you hours of time studying in the long run.

·         General Note-Taking Tips

·         Specific Method of Taking Notes (The Cornell Method)

Additional Links:

Cornell Method PDF Generator:   This program generates personalized Cornell Method note paper.

Additional Note-Taking Methods: Don’t like the Cornell Method?  Check out these other methods!



Whether reading for class or for pleasure, it is likely that you’ve read something—only to discover twenty pages (and twenty minutes) later that you have no recollection of what you have just read.  It happens to us all!  Strategic reading requires a greater initial effort, but it will save you having to re-read 20 pages again!  In addition, it provides a ready-made study guide when it is time to take a test.

·         Specific Method of Reading (The SQ3R Method)

Additional Links:

How to use the SQ3R method and effective reading:  The Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth offers strategies on reading more efficiently and effectively.


Effective studying begins long before you sit down to memorize the information just before a test.  It starts with effective time management and proceeds on throughout the semester with effective listening and reading (see above for specifics on this).  Regardless, there are some general tips that can improve your chances of success.

·         General Systematic Studying Tips

Additional Links:

Different types of studying:  Learn about three types of studying and a plan to reduce internal distractions.


You’ve now put in the effort, but it is time for the actual test.  The following links are some tips to implement before, during, and even after (yes, after!) taking a test:

·         General Tips Before, During, and After the Test

Additional Links:

Strategies for Taking Tests: See “Strategies for Success” for test taking tips.


·         Study Skills Overview: Learn the basics of succeeding in class from start to finish.

·         Study Guides and Strategies Website: This website offers a broad overview of additional study skill tips and techniques (including helpful information on miscellaneous topics such as influencing teachers, taking specific types of tests, studying for subjects such as Math, etc.).

·         How to Study.Org: Trouble concentrating?  Want to improve your memory skills? Need tips for giving a speech?  This website has it all!

·         Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center Website:  Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center offers a wide range of interactive and informative topics—including online tutorials and quizzes about time management, improving test performance, increasing textbook reading comprehension using SQ3R, and suggestions for improving concentration and memory.

·         “How to Study:  A Brief Guide” : Written by William J. Rapaport from State University of New York at Buffalo, this website will inform and entertain you with effective study strategies on a variety of topics.

·         Study Habits: This website is maintained by college students for other students and offers a free subscription to their newsletter.

·         Ohio University:  Click on the “Study Tips” icon for numerous study strategies put together by the University’s Academic Advancement Center.

·         Comprehensive Links to Additional Sites by Category:  Interested in learning more about a particular aspect of study skills?  This list provides a topical breakdown with multiple links to additional sites.

·         Grove City Academic Help: Still have questions? Do you want to know where you should go to get help with your studies on campus?