in Harbison Chapel



Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12






Some Ways to Use the Prayer Room

Write/draw the cry of your heart on the paper covering the walls of the prayer room. Also, spend time reading the things others have written.

Bring CDs to use in the CD player or bring an mp3 player and listen to worship music. Sing worship songs aloud or listen quietly to the lyrics.

Bring different translations of the Bible and read the same passage in each.

Bring a journal and spend time writing prayers or letters to God.

●Write in the journal in the prayer room. Read through the writings of others to see God's faithfulness.

Use the sketch pad, colored pencils, markers, and crayons in the room to worship God through art. Feel free to post these drawings on the wall.

Read the prayer requests posted on the bulletin board and choose some to pray over.

Look at the world map and choose a country or region to pray for. Read the facts and prayer needs listed for that country and spend some time in prayer.

 Meet with some friends to pray together.



Prayer Room






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GCC Prayer Room















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The prayer room is located just inside the main entrance to the chapel (in the area above the men's restroom).


This space is open 18 hours daily (6:30 am-midnight) and can be used by any member of the campus community for prayer, worship, and quiet time with the Lord.