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Are you interested in joining a small group? Small groups usually begin forming in the fall semester and you are encouraged to join a group or start your own group.

If you are in the process of forming a group and wish to open the group up for others to join, please send the name of your group, a short description of your group's focus for the semester, group meeting times, and contact information to This information will then be posted on this page so that students looking for a group can read descriptions of the various small group opportunities available and contact group leaders.











Women's Discipleship Groups

 Led by female Christian mentor (faculty, staff, local church member, GCC alumni)

 3-5 female college students

 Meet weekly or biweekly

 Decide as a group how you will spend your time together (Bible study, book study, prayer group, accountability group, etc)

Learn more by clicking here.

To get involved in a group, send an e-mail to



Other Small Group Opportunities

Men's Small Groups
Meet regularly with a small group of men for spiritual growth & accountability

Groups led by upperclass students involved in Men of God

To get involved in a group or for more information, contact Luke Johnston, President of Men of God.



InterVarsity Cell Groups

In InterVarsity Cell Groups we have fellowship with one another, connecting with one another at a deeper level through Bible study, accountability, prayer, and missions opportunities in a smaller setting.

To get involved in a group or for more information, contact Brian Lonto.



Hall Bible Studies

Talk to your RA to see how you can get involved.





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