Women's discipleship groups







Discipleship Groups are a wonderful way to get to know a small group of other students as well as learn from the life experience and wisdom of a mature Christian mentor. Below is information to give a better sense of the program and our expectations of those students who participate in the program. 



Discipleship Program Core Values:
-God cares about the whole of our lives.
-All people are valuable and need Jesus Christ.
-Community is important to know God and to know one another.
-We strive to cultivate enduring faith.

We ask group members to commit to:
-Making the time with your discipleship group a priority in your schedule
-Being fully engaged and participating in discussions with your group
-Coming prepared each week (e.g. doing readings, thinking through material, praying for prayer requests)
-Lifting other members of group up in prayer throughout the week
-Being respectful of your mentor and the time she is investing in this group (e.g being prompt to meetings)
-Communicating any conflicts that will prohibit you from attending a group meeting to your mentor in advance















We intentionally try to keep groups small in size, usually placing 3-5 students in each group. We feel that a small group encourages better discussion and closer relationships, which is what we hope to see happen in and through these groups. Groups meet weekly and students should plan on meetings lasting between 1 and 2 hours. We do ask students to seriously evaluate their schedules and commitments prior to committing to a Discipleship Group, as this group should take priority in your schedules (after classes, of course) and be an activity that you attend weekly. Mentors are sacrificing a lot of time, energy, and personal resources to make these groups a reality and we expect that students will honor that sacrifice by being on time and present at all group meetings (other than unexpected circumstances).


The groups are autonomous as far as how they spend their time. Most groups choose a book on a Christian topic, a Bible study curriculum,  a topic of interest, or an issue with which the students are struggling. We encourage the groups to choose the topic of study/book together as a group, so that there is group ownership of the study.


These groups are truly a great way to become involved with a group of other women who are pursuing Christ. If you are interested in participating, we would ask that you pray about the time commitment and whether or not your schedule will allow you to be completely invested in this program. After praying, if you are interested in participating, please e-mail smallgroups@gcc.edu to request an application which will be used in matching groups.





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