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1. Participate in On-Campus Recruiting. The website CareerBuilder proclaims, “If the chance arises to score a job interview on campus, jump at it. Run, don’t walk, and make whatever arrangements it takes.” On-campus recruiting is a sure-fire way to find career opportunities. Employees have open positions they are looking to fill, and they want to fill them here at Grove City College. Visit JobGrove to find out the employers coming to campus this year.

2. Participate in job fairs. Career Fairs are a great way to network and to get exposure to a large number of organizations at one time. Remember that career fair recruiters may see hundreds of students in a day. You need to prepare a 30-second to one-minute "commercial" to sell your skills and abilities so that after the fair is over, the recruiter remembers you.  Also, to stand out to an employer, it's important to follow-up after the event.  Be sure to attend the annual Career Fair in the fall, as well as the "How to Work a Career Fair" presentation before the event to learn tips on how to present yourself well to recruiters.

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3. Respond to job advertisements. Job advertisements can be found on professional association websites, online job boards (i.e.,, in the careers or employment section of an organization's website, on LinkedIn, etc. NACE suggests to select the best opportunities and to pursue those. Do not apply for everything. Carefully review and research the position and the organization, and submit a targeted cover letter and resume promptly. Check out the Online Resources section to view a list of sites that post job advertisements.

4. Post your resume online. There are thousands of sites where you can post your resume on including,, and CareerBuilder. Create plain-text and PDF versions of your resume, and be sure to include only those items that you do not mind the world seeing. Also be sure to re-post your resume at least once a month since recruiters have a tendency to search only the most recent resume additions.

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