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Hidden Job Search

Strategies to use for the hidden job market include:

1. Networking. It is important to make connections with others as you are looking for a job.  Don Asher suggests the following question as you begin your hidden search and desire to build networking leads: "Who do you know that would know something about____?"  This question will oftentimes lead to a contact name and further information you are hoping to find. 

To further build your network, ask family members, friends, community members, professors, alumni, and the staff in Career Services if they know of any contacts in your career area of interest.  Use tools like the GCC Alumni eCommunity and LinkedIn to further develop your connections. 

Most studies confirm that the majority of jobs are obtained through some kind of networking. The Wall Street Journal reported that 94% of successful job seekers claimed that networking had made all the difference for them. This phenomenon is easily explained. Recruiters are more comfortable hiring someone after receiving a positive recommendation, rather than hiring someone for which they receive no information.

2. In-person visits. Knock on the door of any employer or office that interests you, whether or not they are know to have a vacancy. Remember that 85% of employers never advertise open positions. Your initiative could prove to be very impressive.

3. Use career databases. The Career Services Office offers organization research databases including Career Search, Plunkett's, and Hoovers Online (you can access these databases through the library or by going on the 'Career Services' tab on myGCC). These databases allow you to run searches on targeted industries. The results include a list of names and numbers of specific organizations that you can contact for employment opportunities. Another suggestion would be to use the Yellow Pages to identify businesses in the area you want to find employment. Call the employers in your field of interest and ask if they are hiring for a position for which you are qualified.

4. Targeted mailings. Identify the top organizations where you would like to work, and send them a tailored cover letter and resume. Take the time to research the company and send the letter and resume to the appropriate contact person. Be sure to follow up with a phone call a week after you send your resume.

5. Professional associations. For a minimal fee, most professional associations will allow you to join as a student member. This is a great way to learn about the industry in which you are interested, attend conferences, and meet employees in the field.

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