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Networking is a way of connecting with, meeting and talking to people in the fields in which you would ultimately like to work.  Building professional relationships is important as approximately 80% of job openings are never advertised, leaving the only way to learn about them through word of mouth or networking – this is known as the “hidden job market”. Studies continue to confirm that the majority of jobs are obtained through some kind of networking.  Thus, it's a vital strategy a student should utilize in his/her job search!

Feel free to view our Networking Guide for more info on networking.

Benefits of Networking

1. Information – gain greater understanding about your field including current trends and new developments, as well as the skills and qualifications needed for particular positions within your field of interest.

2. Insight – gain information that will lead you to the hidden job market. Learn of unpublished job opportunities, and be referred to an opportunity you didn’t know about.

3. First chance - jobs posted online or on a company's website have often been filled or are close to being filled by the time you become aware of them. Networking gives you an earlier chance at an opportunity.

4. Less competition – if the job is not advertised, then less people will know about the position, leaving you with a greater chance at an offer.

5. Access – networking gives you access to people who might not be responsive to a direct approach letter.

6. Recommendation – networking provides you with the added advantage of a referral from someone the hiring manager knows.

7. Interview advantage - learn about the problems and needs in the organization from your networking contact, therefore being more prepared in an interview.

Prospective Network Contacts

1. GCC alumni through the Alumni Directory and Career Services Office

2. Family, friends, neighbors

3. Your friends’ parents, and their family members

4. Professors, advisors, coaches and tutors

5. Church friends and clergy

6. Members of clubs, religious groups and other organizations

7. Your former bosses and your friends’ and family members’ bosses

8. Professional associations and trade organization members

9. Social media and networking sites (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn)

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