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Professional Attire

There is much to be said for leaving a positive first impression with a prospective employer.  And much of that comes down to what a person wears to his/her interview.

For interviews, the CSO recommends the following attire to dress for success:
  • Tailored suit
    • A two-piece matching suit is highly recommended
    • Conservative/neutral colors (navy, black, gray) preferably
    • Avoid being too "trendy"
    • Make sure your suit is well-pressed
  • Keep your hair neat and clean
  • Hands – clean fingernails
  • Jewelry/perfume & cologne – use in moderation
  • Shoes – polished/non-worn heal

Proper Attire for Men:

  • The standard job interviewing attire for men is a conservative dark navy or gray two-piece business suit (of natural fibers, such as wool, if possible), a white long-sleeved button-down dress shirt, a conservative silk tie (that matches the colors in your suit), and nicely polished dress shoes.
  • Your belt should always match your shoes.
  • If you have a beard or mustache, your facial hair should be neatly trimmed. If you have any visible body parts pierced, most experts recommend removing all jewelry, including earrings.
  • Socks – dark colors only!

Proper Attire for Women:

  • Skirt suits vs. pant suits (skirt suits – better for the traditional industries, like accounting, banking, investments, law)
  • Skirt length should be a little below the knee and never shorter than above the knee. Avoid wearing a dress (unless accented with a jacket). Blouses should be cotton or silk and should be white, or some other light color.
  • Modest heal for women and conservative (watch being too trendy); closed-toe shoes.
  • Minimal make-up, with lipstick and nail polish conservative tones. Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and conservative in color.

What is “business casual”?’s definition in The New York Times: “in general, business casual means dressing professionally, looking relaxed yet neat and pulled together.”

What are some examples of business casual?

  • Khaki pants
  • Golf shirts
  • Dress shirts (button-downs) without a tie
  • Skirts
  • Sweaters/twin-sets
  • Blouses that are not low cut or revealing

For more information about professional attire, as well as professional etiquette, in general, check out the following links:

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