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The first step on the path to identifying and pursuing the calling that God has for you is determining exactly who you are. Our staff wants to help you answer important questions, like “what do I enjoy?” and “in what work environments do I excel?’ or perhaps, “what has God enabled me to do well?”

As you begin to answer these and other important questions, a clearer picture of precisely who God has made you to be begins to emerge. And this places you in a much better position to evaluate what career paths you should explore. Some students avoid this critical step and rush into Career Exploration, only to encounter confusion and discouragement in the process because they haven’t first determined who they are. The first step of self-assessment, while simple and straightforward, is critical in the career development process.

Action Steps:

  • Participate in self-assessment testing. Assessments of your personality, skills, interests and values are available through MyPlan, a comprehensive career resource, and offered to students free of charge. The Office also offers a number of other assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (both available on JobGrove).
  • Meet with a counselor to discuss your assessment results, as well as major and career options based on your interests, skills, abilities, and values.

Review our Freshman Status Sheet to provide you practical steps at this point in your career development.

Career Counseling

You can meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your major and career options. Together you can decide what next steps are best for you.

Career Assessments

The first stage of the four-part career development process is self-assessment. Self-assessment enables you to determine which interests, skills, values, and personality traits are important to consider when choosing a major and making a career choice. Consider taking one of the assessments described below to learn more about your personality, interests, skills, abilities, and values. After taking one of more assessments, meet with a career counselor to discuss your results and generate ideas for majors and careers research. Remember that there is no one test that can tell you "what you should be" and that successful career planning may require more than one appointment. Some assessment are available at Career Services and others are available online.

CLICK HERE to view Available Assessments in the CSO

Additional Online Assessments (free of charge):

While we cannot vouch for their reliability or validity, you may find the following web resources helpful as you assess yourself: - A quick and easy personality quiz that will give you your Myers-Briggs Type.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz - A career quiz to match you with suggested career paths.

CareerPath - Take Free Career Tests & Personality Test assessments to find careers that work. Useful career advice and resources to advance your job search and job path.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter - An online personality dseigned by David Keirsey, Ph.D., author of Please Understand Me.

TypeFocus - An online personality assessment relating to career choice, based on the work of Carl Jung and personality type research.

Best Fit - An exploration of the multiple models of the 16 personality type.

Career Interests Game - Designed by the University of Missouri Career Center to help you match your interests and skills with similar careers.

ONET Skills Search - Find occupations that will most closely match your skills.

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