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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I double-major in another area in addition to Accounting as part of my 128-credit hour bachelors degree?

Yes. You can double-major as long as the other major is in something outside of the business-related majors of Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Industrial Management, and Marketing.  For example, you can have a double major in Accounting and Psychology. However, as a liberal-arts institution, business-related courses cannot be used as general electives for students majoring in the Department of Accounting.  For those interested in satisfying CPA licensing requirements, The Department does now offer a new 150-credit hour dual major program in Accounting & Finance which began in January 2010.

2. How many students graduate each year from the accounting program at Grove City?

Over the past ten-year period, our average graduating class has been approximately 25 students.  Currently, in 2010, we have just over 100  accounting majors enrolled at the college.


3. What is the average class size for accounting classes at Grove City?

25 students.  For introductory accounting classes taken by all business-related majors, the average class size is about 30 students.

4. Are there internship opportunities available?

Yes.  A large number of students [i.e. 75%] complete an internship, with most of them taking place during the summer after their junior year.  Many internship positions are obtained through our Career Services Office, while others are found by students conducting their own searches in their hometowns and elsewhere.  Nearly all internships are paid positions, and students can also earn academic credit by completing written requirements under the direction of a faculty advisor.


5. Do I have to start the accounting major during my freshman year in order to graduate in four years?

No. While that is the best approach to completing the degree since it best spreads out the course requirements, it is possible to complete the degree requirements in three years with careful planning.


6. What general electives in other disciplines would best complement my accounting courses?

You should discuss this with your faculty advisor since the answer depends, in part, on what your plans are upon graduation.  Generally speaking, electives that improve your writing and speaking skills are strongly encouraged along with additional language courses.


7. I have received Advanced Placement credit for Calculus [or completed MATH 161 here at GCC]. Do I have to take the Business Calculus course [MATH 141] required for accounting majors?

No.  Both AP Calculus and MATH 161 are acceptable substitutes for MATH 141.


8. I have received Advanced Placement credit for Statistics.  Do I have to take the Business Statistics course [BUSA 201] required for accounting majors?








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