Please read about several GCC business students' study abroad experiences from 2009.

Ben Chapman

is a Junior International Business and Spanish major currently studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He enjoys studying in the class, but also enjoys the “opportunities to envelop myself in a unique culture that I may never experience again.” Studying in Argentina is different, according to Ben, as it is not so ‘high pressure’ and one learns from a different perspective.

He has learned that “one cannot truly learn about a culture if he or she doesn’t travel and experience it. Therefore, find a program and go already!” In addition, when looking to save money, apply independently, as this can save 50% or more in comparison to a program. The opportunity to spend this amount of time in a culture and studying their atmosphere is an experience one will not forget.

Kelsie Gerber

is a Junior Marketing Management major currently studying in Florence Italy. She has learned to take what she has learned, in the classroom here in Grove City and in Florence, and apply it first hand in a different culture and environment. She is learning the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and trying new things by being in a new culture with a different language.

"Kelsie says in reference to studying abroad, “Take the opportunity. You will learn so much about not only the country, but also yourself. Grove City is a great place, but getting away for a semester let's you appreciate what you have back home while giving you a new outlook on the world.”


Brandon Stewart

is a Junior Finance major currently studying in Sevilla, Spain. By being abroad, he has been able to get a true international perspective on business. The business classes abroad have truly been thoroughly enjoyable and benefiting, as he has gained a better international perspective.

In Spain Brandon has had to overcome a language barrier in addition to different mannerisms and habits, however he says “overcoming them is part of the fun of everyday abroad.” The international experience he has gained is the best reason for studying abroad. Brandon believes that by being abroad he has truly learned what it means to maintain one’s spiritual walk in a non-Christian environment.