Please read about several GCC business students' study abroad experiences from 2008.

Laura Meier

is a Senior Business Management major who studied in Gold Coast, Australia last semester. She loved being able to still work hard on her academics, but also being able to see and experience the country she was in. While in Australia she was able to still take business classes, such as Business Law, which gave her a greater international perspective on law.

She learned that, “you have to be really open, not afraid to talk to strangers, and feel normal when someone you barely know wants to invite you over, go out to eat, or just hang out.” The most important thing that Laura learned is that “just because something is different does not mean it is wrong, as Americans don’t appreciate different culture or style. Studying abroad made me realize different cultures are fun, unique, and tell the history of that country.” For those looking to study abroad, Laura says, “You should totally go abroad! It will change your perspective on life and make you even more independent. You really will have the experience of a lifetime that you will never forget.”

Bethany Black

is Senior International Business and French major who studied in Paris, France last semester. While in Paris she had the opportunity to experience the freedoms and be more independent. Being independent allowed her to experience the beautiful city of Paris, as she has never lived in a large city before. Being in the European Union, she was able to take a Business class on the EU from a professor who was able to show an insider’s opinion of the EU, instead of an extern American opinion.

Bethany says that the most important thing she learned from studying abroad was the ability to travel throughout Europe, observed and developed a respect for cultural differences, become a better problem solver, and overcome different crises she encountered. If you want to study abroad she suggests to “talk to the study abroad office early and make a four year plan of your courses so you have an opportunity to work your schedule and make studying abroad possible. “Deciding to study abroad was the best decision I’ve made during my college experience.”

Megan Kneisly

is a Business Management Major and has a minor in Communications. She spent all of last year studying in London, United Kingdom. She took classes that were centered on the European business environment and the EU. As a result, she got to hear from many different individuals within the EU and get many different perspectives on it. Megan enjoyed being in an English speaking country, however, London is very diverse which allowed her to still enjoy many different cultures.

The ability to learn in London allowed her to gain an international perspective and take more international business classes. As a result, she has learned that American corporations do business correct in many aspects, but they still have areas they can improve their practices by learning from other cultures. She suggests to anyone looking to study abroad to, “Just do it! Especially with business majors, there is plenty of room in our schedules to do it. Also, most abroad programs offer comparable business courses that will transfer easily.