About Business Management

The Business Management major prepares graduates to join different types of organizations as potential managers. It consists of a core of basic business topics to give students a strong grounding in the fundamentals of modern business. Building on this core, management majors take a set of advanced management courses, such as leadership, organizational behavior, and human resources. These courses feature a variety of projects and exercises that challenge students to understand and experience the many facets of modern management. In addition to the core courses and advanced management courses, business management majors take at least four additional advanced business courses of their choosing. These courses enable students to develop proficiency in an additional business topic area, such as marketing or finance, or to take courses in multiple topic areas, such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, team dynamics, and ecommerce. All courses include emphases on international business, information technology, ethical business practices, and trends that define contemporary enterprises. In addition, Business Management majors may participate in the Business Department’s active internship program. Each year approximately 60 to 75 business majors gain internship experience that earns them academic credit.

Recent Graduates

Recent Grove City College Business Management graduates have successfully competed for jobs in many major organizations, such as Proctor and Gamble, Ryan Homes, Federated Insurance, Ariba, National City Bank, and the Seattle Supersonics. Others have joined smaller businesses. Some have started their own businesses, while others have continued their education in MBA programs and law school. Grove City College Business Management majors continue to have impressive records in business and to make major impacts on the contemporary business community. In addition, Grove City College’s emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences, combined with the strength of the business management major, prepares graduates to be active contributing members of their churches, civic organizations, and communities.

What can I do with a business management major?

Grove City College's Career Services Office has compiled some possible careers for business and management majors:

What To Do With a Career in Management
What To Do With a Career in Business

Skills GCC Business Management Majors Acquire

Problem solving
Working effectively in team settings