Please read about several foreign exchange students studying business at GCC below.

Robbie Creighton

Imagine leaving your home to spend a year at a foreign college. Robbie Creighton, a student from Queens University of Belfast, Ireland, will soon be finishing his year of studying business at Grove City. He is studying here through a program run by the British Consul that gives Irish students a chance to study business in America.
Robbie’s time at Grove City has been filled with rich learning opportunities. Learning to deal with a different culture has been one of those experiences, which he says is “probably one of the most practical things I’ll learn and take back.” His favorite classes have been with Dr. Powell and Dr. Ketler, learning about different perspectives on marketing and management. He has learned about the importance of teams in a business, and how to manage these teams well. Marketing classes have made him into a more educated consumer, as well as teaching him the importance of being the first into a market, as opposed to being better.
After this semester, Robbie looks forward to returning home to finish a degree in law, seeing his family again, and being with people of the same culture. Looking back, he is very happy he came here, saying that he appreciated the academics, but the people had the greatest impact. “If someone asked me about Grove City and what it was I enjoyed most, it’s the people here.” If he had the choice to do it again, “I would still come to Grove City.”

Hiromi Kubota

is a Junior Marketing Management major from Japan. She came to study in the US to get a better education and wanted to continue studying here, as she studied here in high school. She wanted to come to Grove City because of a “high level academic reputation, campus visit, and Dr. Powell.” Hiromi says, “From the moment Dr. Powell started speaking in his class that I sat for auditing, I knew I wanted to come.” She remarks that although professors are busy, “they are wonderful enough to take time to talk through and about issues I have and questions for the class.”

The business department has taught her the importance of always having moral principles in owns business and in the market. She recommends to other international students looking to come to Grove City that “you will learn from the traditional to the cutting-edge.”

Youngmin Kwon

is a Junior Business Management major from Korea. She came to study in the US to learn more English and experience another culture. Came to Grove City because “it is a Christian school that has rigorous academics, great classes, and enthusiastic professors.” Youngmin especially appreciates all she has learned from Grove City’s finance classes and excellent finance professors.

Youngmin recommends to anyone wanting to study in America to come to Grove City “if you are looking for good quality classes, good friends, a good campus life, and a good Christian school.” She hopes to stay longer at Grove City after this school year is over and is thrilled to be here.


Ramon Correa

is a Junior Finance major from Brazil. He came to America with his family because of his dad being transferred to the states. He came to Grove City because it is “able to focus on creating professionals who care about the Christian integrity in the work place and emphasizes strong ethics.”

Ramon has learned that “by following Christian principles, one can be successful in the work place."

Shisisi Chen

is a Freshman International Business major from China. She came to study in the US because of the good college education, good social environment, to take advantage of improving her English, and to experience different cultures. She came specifically to Grove City because of the strong academics, the safe campus, and because Grove City “is a conservative Christian college which provides the core American spirit and value.”