About Interdepartmental Majors

The following majors are offered by the business department in conjunction with other departments:

Computer Information Systems Management

Graduates with a Computer Information Systems Management degree are able to utilize their understanding of both computer systems and business to manage computer databases and information systems in the corporate setting. This Bachelor of Science program offers students the opportunity to learn computer programming, database management, systems analysis, and software engineering, along with business-related skills such as accounting, teamwork and leadership, and organization management. For more information on the Computer Science Program at Grove City visit the main Computer Science page.

Double Major in Accounting & Finance

In response to the State of Pennsylvania's CPA Licensing changes, the accounting and business departments are now offering a double major in accounting and finance. To learn more about how this double major works and meets the new regulatory environment, please consult this letter written by the Accounting department's chair, Dr. Dave Baglia.

Business Economics

Business and economics are two inseparable fields. This joint major provides 36 business hours and 33 economics hours. The course requirements are listed here and more information about the economics department is provided on their website.

Music Business

Graduates with a degree in Music Business are prepared for employment in music merchandising, arts management, and other related industries. This major combines courses such as Music Theory, Solfeggio, and Music Technology with core business classes such as Microeconomics, Business Communication, and Accounting, along with management courses in Marketing as well as Finance. Students may choose from a variety of musical ensembles and performance opportunities to round out the degree. For more information on the Grove City College Music Department visit the main Music Department website.