New Business Curriculum

After comprehensive research, we have made several changes to our bachelors of science majors. First, each major now has non-business, but related, courses built directly into the major. This enables students to view business issues from a multidisciplinary perspective as well as earning credit towards a complimentary minor.
Second, we have revamped our computer course (now BUSA 211 Business Computer Applications). It is now a three credit course that focuses on 4 goals: problem solving with spreadsheets, database management, websites, and collaborative work in "the cloud". This course will be team taught by faculty and IT staff to ensure quality and relevance of content.
Lastly, our new Business Ethics course will motivate students to look beyond quarterly financial statements to assess the success of a business. Taught from a Christian perspective, this course is meant to be a crucial building block in the formation of Christian business leaders for tomorrow.

The Business Majors

To learn more about individual majors offered by the business department, please visit the below links.

Interdepartmental Majors

Several majors build significant skills in business and another field. To learn more, please visit the "Interdepartmental" page.

Related Majors

Our department also complements and cooperates with several other departments. For example, many of our students compete in the Entrepreneurship department's annual business plan competition. To learn more about opportunities within entrepreneurship and accounting, we encourage you to visit their home pages.