Department faculty are listed below. Please click on individual professor links to learn more. If you are looking for current office hours, please use this link to access all GCC faculty schedules.

Dr. Andrew Markley
Chair of Department
areas: law, international
Dr. William M. Hinton
Professor of Business
areas: management
Dr. Jeremy DalleTezze
Assistant Professor of Business
areas: international, quantitative
Dr. Scott K. Powell
Associate Professor of Business
areas: marketing
Dr. Christen Adels
Professor of Business
areas: finance, law
Dr. John A. Sparks
Dean of the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters and Professor of Business
areas: law
Dr. Bruce W. Ketler
Professor of Business
areas: industrial management
Dr. Wayne A. Biddle
Associate Professor of Business
areas: human resources, risk management
Dr. James V. Dupree
Professor of Entrepreneurship
areas: entrepreneurship 
Dr. Timothy S. Mech
Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship
areas: finance, non-profit 
Dr. Craig Columbus
Chair and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship
areas: entrepreneurship 
Mr. Timothy Sweet
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
areas: e-commerce, social marketing
Dr. Linda J. Christie
Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship
areas: organization
Mr. Thomas W. Gregg
Vice President for Operations and Guest Lecturer in Business
areas: operations management