Marketing Team Wins “Challenge”…Again

  A team of five Grove City students (L-R in picture: Brian Darcangelo, Courtney Steiginga, Stephanie Mount, Jeremiah Pullinger and David Durfee) recently competed in and won the 2012 Armstrong College Challenge. This is the second consecutive year that a team from GCC has won the competition.
  Armstrong, who sponsored the competition and invited local colleges to participate, is a provider of television, internet and phone service in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky. Participating teams were charged with offering strategic suggestions for how Armstrong can remain a leader in a turbulent industry, especially in light of more consumers increasing choosing to stream online content.
  The Grove City team conducted secondary research, surveyed the entire senior class, conducted interviews and developed strategic recommendations in a 20-minute presentation to members of Armstrong’s executive and marketing staff. The team’s presentation was followed by a 40-minute Q & A session. Afterwards, the judges announced the Grove City team as the winner of the competition. The judges noted the team’s extensive research and multimedia presentation as being particularly effective.
  In addition to gaining a valuable learning experience, the team won $2000 in scholarship money.

GCC Team Wins Armstrong Challenge

  Grove City students Daniel Moyer, Anne Hines, Rebecca Grafton, Sarah Elliott and Valerie Quatrini teamed up this semester for the 2011 Armstrong College Challenge. Armstrong provides television, internet and phone service in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky. Participants in the Challenge were charged with offering strategic suggestions for how Armstrong can remain a leader in a very dynamic industry, especially in light of more people viewing content online.
  The Grove City team conducted research by surveying the entire senior class, looking at relevant news articles and surveys, and performing a trend analysis in the cable industry. The team made some recommendations regarding Armstrong’s existing service packages. The team also stressed the use of social media, offering suggestions to help Armstrong improve their presence on the Internet.
  Following a 20-minute presentation to and 40-minute Q & A session with Armstrong’s marketing executives at their corporate headquarters; the Grove City team was announced as the winner of the competition. The judges noted the team’s extensive research and multimedia presentation as being particularly effective.
  Sarah Elliot, a senior accounting major, enjoyed participating in the challenge. “It was great working with everyone and we enjoyed being a team for this whole semester and presenting our findings to Armstrong.” The team won $2000 and the College received $1500 for scholarships for future students. Valerie Quatrini, a senior marketing management major, said the challenge was “a wonderful experience and a great way for us to apply professional skills that we have learned in our courses throughout our college career.”

Marketing Team takes GCC to PNC Park

  One of the primary goals of a college education is to give students the experience and knowledge they need to have success in the real world. Some Grove City College students didn’t have to wait until they graduated, however, to dive into a real life marketing campaign. A team from Dr. Scott Powell’s Retail Management class partnered with the Pittsburgh Pirates to develop and promote GCC Night at PNC Park.
  Catherine Cabrera was instrumental in the promotional segment of the project and worked directly with the Pirates organization. When planning such a large event, it is difficult to put all the pieces together. The biggest obstacle was the time factor. According to Catherine, the team “ had a lot of great ideas for how to promote the event” but a tight timeline.
  In addition to time constraints, the week before the event provided a unique challenge. “We definitely had a major crunch time the week the ticket sales was due,” mentioned Cabrera. When looking toward future advertising and promotional endeavors, Catherine mentioned that when it gets desperate, toughing it out is what you have to do. “We all had to do a lot of personal selling,” Cabrera remarked.
  The event was a great success. “We went above and beyond our ticket sales goal and finished with over 290,” Cabrera said. Prior to the game, members of the team had their picture taken on the field at PNC Park…and one team member got to be a “base changer.” Overall, it was a fun learning experience.

Jeff Vasapolli Gains Real Life Experience with Inspect Tech

  College is a place where one can learn a great deal of things on a myriad of topics. However, how often do students get to work with real companies doing real marketing research that will affect the company’s future marketing decisions?
  Meet Dr. DalleTezze and his international marketing class. His students are currently working with Inspect Tech, a company that specializes in complete inspection and management software, in deciding where they should expand their product internationally.
  One of the students, junior Jeff Vasapolli, is currently working with a team that is researching the possibility of Inspect Tech entering Asia. He states that “Working on a live project with Inspect Tech gave me a snapshot of what is to be expected as a company attempts to expand internationally.”
  Jeff believes that the skills he has gained from Grove City College’s business department have been extremely valuable. “I was able to apply a wide range of marketing research techniques on this project; GCC has helped me a great deal,” Vasapolli said.
  At the end of the project, Vasapolli and his classmates will be able to give Inspect Tech a comprehensive and professional look at a possible expansion into the Asian market.
  While the result of this project will only be a letter grade, Jeff realizes that the real world experience will help him a great deal in the future. He said that “having this experience will really serve me well in the future.”

One Lap at a Time: GCC Student Athlete Excels in Multiple Arenas

   Senior Christopher Marasco is a varsity swimmer and finance and communication double major at Grove City College. He balances a lifestyle that requires large time commitments to swimming as well as his studies—and he excels in both. “My parents instilled the value that whatever you do, do it as if you are doing it for the Lord…do it to the best of your ability,” said Chris.
 Chris cites intense focus as the key to balancing such a challenging workload. He noted that “if I have scheduled study time…I am only concentrated on studying—I do not think of anything else; likewise with swimming.”
 This method of work balance has paid off. Chris has been a member of the varsity captain advisory council, a committee that leads and unites captains of all varsity sports teams on GCC. He has also served as council president and has been a captain for the men’s varsity swimming team for 2 years.
 On the academic side of things, Chris has seen success in the “Elevator Pitch” competition. He won the for-profit competition with his business idea DVD Kiosk Creations, which sets up DVD rental kiosks at Grove City and other colleges. Chris gives Grove City a lot of the credit for his success, stating that “the course work has enabled me to foster creative thinking.”
 Through all of this successes, Chris still has remained refreshingly humble. He stats that, “whatever the activity may be, I serve an audience of one—if I please Him everything else seems to take care of itself.”

Golf, Basketball, and International Business?

  What do golf and basketball have in common with international business? Megan Gibson. A senior with French and marketing concentrations, Megan is constantly balancing schoolwork and sports. She has been a member of the basketball team since she first came to Grove City, and joined the golf team this year. Not surprisingly, she aspires to a career in sports marketing.
  Megan chose international business as her major because “I really like discovering people from new cultures and learning about how they grew up.” She also believes that it is a good major for business students because globalization is becoming a major theme in today’s business world.
  Basketball and golf provide an outlet where Megan can free her mind from schoolwork. “When you go to practice, you don’t think about schoolwork for that solid two hours.” However, it also takes good time management to balance sports and academics. Megan’s typical routine involves classes during the day, followed by practice, then homework in the evening.
  Because time management is such a huge aspect of the working world, Megan believes that her experience with having to balance sports and school has given her “a competitive edge over other people who never played sports.”

Finding Balance at Grove City College: Allison White

  Many students at Grove City College participate in varsity sports. Senior Allison White is one of those students. Allison has played on the women’s water polo team for four years.
  A business management major, Allison loves the structure the business world offers. Her favorite class was International Business with Dr. Markley. “I loved it because I learned so many interesting things about different cultures as well as important laws and rules to do business overseas. It was a great class!”
  Allison began playing water polo with her freshman roommate in their first year. She had been on the swim team in high school, and thought water polo might be an interesting change where she could still use her strong swimming skills. Though playing any sport has its challenges, Allison has found that the greatest rewards come from having a team of players to grow with. She will tell you that “playing a sport was definitely instrumental in my time here.”
  With two hours of practice every day and games on weekends, Allison says, “it can be difficult, but I haven’t found it to be too big of an issue just because, in reality, that’s a 2-hour study break that makes you all the more productive.” She’s noticed that the less free time she has, the more productive she is with that time. Activities like water polo aid her in being a good steward of her time.
  Allison’s encouragement to other students is to get involved with something. “The key is just involving yourself with something that you can become part of and be passionate about, and use your gifts that you’ve been given.” Through the business and sports programs, Allison has found her niche, and a place to use her gifts for the glory of God.

MacKenzie Campus and Community Award Winner

  Jonathan Wagner, a senior international business major and religion minor, was recently awarded the Florence E. MacKenzie Campus and Community Award for his involvement in the Grove City community. The award seeks to “publically recognize individuals who personally strengthen town-gown relationships.”
  Jon is passionate about getting students involved in the community, and he believes that their investment is a good one. He helps lead WyldLife (a middle school ministry of Young Life) and also serves as chaplain and social chair for the Alpha Omega housing group.
  “Grove City provides a wonderful atmosphere for having significant conversations of eternal value, and these conversations need to continue on and off campus as we seek to further cultivate the relationship between the community and the college,” Jon remarked.
  He continued, “We need to be excellent in academics as well as outside that realm; academic excellence is a way to worship and glorify the Lord, but we need to seek to find a healthy balance with community participation as well.”
  “I’m here for academic reasons, but I’m also here for eternal reasons.”

GCC American Marketing Association: Learn, Network, and Practice

  If your interest lies in the field of marketing, you might want to check out the American Marketing Association. In concert with Pittsburgh’s local chapter, and the larger national organization, Grove City’s AMA chapter is able to offer many opportunities to its members.
  Leah Vough (pictured to the side), president of Grove City’s chapter, seeks to provide members with an enriching experience. “Our three goals are to learn, network, and practice, so we’re trying to incorporate all those initiatives in whatever we do.” Typically these goal-oriented activities include webinars, events with the Pittsburgh chapter, and visiting area businesses. This year, Grove City’s AMA is seeking to partner with clubs on campus and local business to do advertising with them, fulfilling the networking and practicing goals. The GCC chapter is also scheduled to spend a day at a successful, local advertising agency to gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to work in the industry.
  The Grove City AMA extends open arms to interested students of all majors. Membership dues are $65. If you have an interest in becoming a part of this organization, please contact Leah Vough at

GCC Management Association: Getting the "Outside Perspective"

  If you’re looking for an excuse to network, take a look at the GCC Management Association. The goal of this campus organization is to provide students with opportunities to connect with professional leaders.
  The GCC Management Association’s president, Rachel Paul (pictured on the left), is a senior management major with a passion for the organization. She is eager to incorporate students’ ideas into the organization and encourages them to make connections. According to Rachel, “The biggest thing is being able to get that outside perspective” and apply to the workplace what students learn in their classes.
  Evening meetings are held four times per semester, and provide an environment for students to make connections. Guest speakers, usually alumni or local managers, are invited for discussion and answer any questions students may have about their profession. Members of the GCC Management Association are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Career Fair and events hosted by the business department.
  The GCC Management Association is currently reaching out to students of all years and majors, as well as defining the organization. If you are interested in being a leader, have ideas on how to improve the organization, or are interested in taking an active role in developing the GCC Management Association, please contact Rachel Paul at

The Financial Management Association provides unique opportunities to students.

  Grove City’s Financial Management Association (FMA) is an on-campus organization committed to providing students with opportunities to learn more about the world of finance. Each semester averages five events in which members are strongly encouraged to participate. A typical year’s events include field trips to financial organizations, opportunities to shadow professionals, and visits from alumni who have experience in the field. This year’s members may look forward to visiting Federated Investors in Pittsburgh, and listening to speakers such as Matt Karr from Hedgeye, an investment research company, who will be visiting on October 15th.
  Charles Mitchell is a junior at Grove City and the president of the FMA on campus. He is very excited about planning for this year, and already has some ideas of what he wants to accomplish. Ultimately, he is interested in changing the way the FMA networks with alumni. Until recently, alumni contacted the FMA. Charles plans to change that, saying, “I really want to reach out to them to find out what kind of financial backgrounds they have.”
  When asked about his favorite experience with the FMA, Charles mentioned Bob Christy, an alumnus who visits once a year. Mr. Christy is a currency trader in Georgia, and has a strong connection with the FMA. According to Charles, “It’s something really new that’s come about, the currency market…it’s really cool to listen to him talk about it.”
  The GCC FMA is open to students of all GPA’s and majors – the only requirements are ten dollars in dues, attendance at two meetings per semester, and an attraction to finance. If you are interested in learning more about the FMA, please contact Charles Mitchell at

Student's West African Adventure

  When business students are looking for a summer internship, most...

... start with a family or friend connection and look for a position close to home. But Dave Knox (standing on the left in picture) is not your typical business student, and Africa is far from his home.
   Dave rejected the notion of finding a typical internship in the US and instead found himself wanting something international. He explains that his main goal “was to have an internship abroad for the summer.” Along came the data analyst position at African Consultants International in Senegal West Africa.
   The original plan didn’t include analyzing data or working with African Consultants International, however. He was originally told he would be working on business with some missionary friends, but after arriving to the country he was told the plans had changed and the position was no longer available.
   After two weeks in Africa without a job, he finally found African Consultants and the data analyst position. He started working immediately, and quickly grew close with his supervisor and co-workers.
   Dave’s biggest challenge? Overcoming the language barrier. Dave admits he “didn’t know much French or Wolof (the main tribal language).”
   Looking back on his experience, Dave believes it was a “much greater success than I would have ever thought it could be. I was able to use skills that I’ve learned at Grove City to help the African Consultants International solve some of their problems.”