Information for current business students.

We encourage you to learn more about our vision, department news, faculty and curriculum by utilizing the above tabs. Here are some specific pages that are particularly useful for current business students.

  • Status Sheets: required courses and suggested plans for each major by entry year.
  • Off-Campus Course Policy: learn how many business classes, and which ones, you may take off campus.
  • Incoming Freshman: consider these student guides provided by the Registrar. They include but are not limited to course descriptions, language requirements, transfer policies, and tuition information.
  • Academic Advising: This Grove City College site provides practical tips regarding advising, studying, student responsibilities, and time management for success in college.
  • Databases: learn what databases are available for business students to facilitate scholarly work and learning.
  • The Internship Process: learn how to earn business credits through an internship.
  • Minors: A list of minors offered at Grove City College. Business majors earn minors in a foreign language, mathematics, economics, psychology, communications, and other fields.
  • Your peers: find out what types of internships, trips, and projects are being completed by your fellow business students.