The vision of the Grove City College Department of Business is to be one of America's premier undergraduate business programs where scholarship and application combine with Christian principles.

Our mission is to prepare professionals to become leaders in businesses, communities, and society. The Department offers multiple majors, each of which builds on the liberal arts curriculum of the College. These majors stress challenging academics, Christian principles, and career and graduate school preparation in a stimulating collegial learning environment.

The Department of Business has a detailed list of goals and core competencies available to the public as well:


    1. Support the development of a Christian worldview and assist students in applying that worldview in their professional, public, and personal lives.
    2. Help students determine their professional calling by matching their skills and interests with career goals and opportunities.
    3. Provide comprehensive instruction in core and advanced business topics.
    4. Prepare students to successfully compete for challenging jobs and admission to graduate programs.
    5. Provide a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.
    6. Encourage the development of critical thinking, team building, and interpersonal skills.
    7. Prepare students to combine theory with application by successfully completing an internship or field experience.

Core Competencies

    1. Demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze, evaluate and apply business information.
    2. Demonstrate appropriate problem-solving skills to thoroughly address business issues.
    3. Demonstrate the skills required to make effective business presentations.
    4. Demonstrate writing skills suitable for business professionals.
    5. Demonstrate the collaborative skills necessary to be a productive team member.
    6. Demonstrate ethical, respectful, and professional behavior.