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Since its founding, Grove City College has believed that a quality education is also a practical education.  Given the prevalence of computer technology in most career fields, we believe learning about and using computers is important across the curriculum.

Students using their college-issued laptops in classAll full-time students receive the use of a notebook computer and printer.  Students who are full-time when they graduate get to keep the equipment.  There are network ports for every bed in the dorms, every classroom and many public spaces on campus to connect the students to the Internet and a variety of campus services. Most network ports on campus are 10Mbps

The college also utilizes wireless 802.11g access points in many buildings on campus. These buildings include the Hall of Arts and Letters (HAL), the Student Union (STU), Ketler Rec., Hoyt Hall, and the Technological Learning Center (TLC). Areas such as the courtyard between HAL and the STU have "spillover" from access points inside both buildings that wireless internet users can experience seamless transitions between buildings without losing a connection to the network.

Students and professors both have tremendous access to technology in most buildings. Some classes in HAL, for example, have easily accessible power outlets and network ports, feature stadium seating, and have computerized podiums for the use of professors. Many of the classes also have projectors connected to the podiums for several uses.

The Repair Shop is staffed by certified computer technicians who provide on-site repairs for all college provided equipment.  Note that standard warranties only cover normal wear and tear, so all students are encouraged to provide their own insurance coverage for those unfortunate incidents of life!  A student run Help Desk provides excellent support and information for all types of computer questions.

Specialized Department Equipment for Projects

In order to provide all CS/CIS students the best education, the Computer Science Department maintains state-of-the-art technology for use by students and faculty during the completion of several class and research projects. Here is a list of some department equipment:

Hewlett-Packard 8-core Workstation
-250-500GB hard drives + local storage
-Used as a computational workhorse for tasks such as paralell rendering
-Utilizes AMD® processors

(6) Dual-Core Dual-Boot Workstations
-250GB hard drives + local storage
-NVIDIA® QuadroFX Graphics Cards
-Boots both Microsoft® Windows XP and SUSE Linux

(3) Hewlett-Packard Local Workstations
-Intel® Core 2 Processor (2.16GHz)
-Onboard NVIDIA® QuadroFX Graphics

(10) Nintendo Gamecube Development Stations

Variety of PocketPC-like Development Kits

Variety of Radio Equipment
-Used in the development of software-defined radio

Freshman Computers

Since 1994, the college has handed a new notebook computer and printer to each incoming freshman.  Here is a link to the latest freshman computer. To learn more about Grove City College's Technology Initiative, click here.

College Provided Software:
- Microsoft® Windows® Vista SP2 Business Edition
- Microsoft® Office Enterprise 2007, Sharepoint Designer 2007 and OneNote™ 2007
- Microsoft Forefront Corporate Antivirus
-Various departmental specific software including Visual Studio and MSDN licensing for majors.

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