ASSC Schedule 2012


Friday, February 24, 2012

4:00-5:00 Registration. HAL Atrium.

5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.

7:00-8:00 Hans Sennholz Memorial Lecture.  Sticht Lecture Hall.

     "Will Europe Survive?"          Dr. Philipp Bagus
                                                         Assistant Professor of Economics – U. Rey Juan Carlos

Saturday, February 25, 2012

8:00-8:30 Coffee and Pastries. HAL Atrium. 

8:30-10:00 Sessions

▪ Technology, the Market, and the State. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
Intellectual Property v. the Internet,” James O’Connor (Grove City College)
Buying Into Bitcoin: An Austrian Analysis of the Virtual Currency’s Sustainability,”
                        Melissa Pattison (Grove City College)
                    “The Abolition of Man through Intellectual Property,” Kevin Rahbar (Grove
                        City College)

        The European Model on Trial. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
Open or Shut Case?: Turkish Accession to the European Union and Its Effect
                       on the Labor Market
,” Hannah Staats (Grove City College)
                     “The European Monetary Union, Fundamentally Flawed,” Dorothy Williams
                       (Grove City College)
                     “Welcome to Hamilton’s Republic: American’s Economic Inheritance from its Forgotten
,” Sarah Grable (Grove City College)

10:15-11:45 Sessions

▪ Market Failures? Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
“Prosperity and the Concentration of Wealth in a Free Market Society,”
                        Bryce Laliberte (University of Minnesota)
                      “Financing Our Demise: Towards a Critique of Government-Run National Defense
                       Systems and How a Private System is more Conducive to International Economic
,” Andrew Deckert (Grove City College)
Off the Books: A Radical Blueprint for the Eradication of Poverty," Ruben
                       Andrew Pacheco (University of New Mexico)
                      “The Secret Soldiers: The Modern Corporate Mercenary,” John-Paul Rodgers
                        (Grove City College)

        Economic Theory. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
                      "Neglected Austrian Theories of Entrepreneurship: Böhm-Bawerk and Fetter,”  
Matthew McCaffrey (University of Angers)
                      “Economic Calculation, Empirical or A Priori,” Lode Cossaer (University of Leuven)
                      “Dr. Hülsmann and the Pure Time Preference Theory of Interest,” Kyle Latham
(Grove City College)
                      “A Defense of the Rothbardian Structure of Production,” Patrick Newman
                       (Rutgers University)

12:00-1:30 Lunch. SU Great Room.

1:45-3:15 Sessions

         Libertarian Thought. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
Rethinking the Non-Aggression Principle,” Jonah Bennett (Simon Fraser University)
                       Plato-Libertarianism, A Case for Defense,” David Grzybowski (Case Western
                        Reserve University)
                       A Burnt Offering at the Altar of Anarcho-Capitalism: The Integration of Christianity
                        with Natural Law
,” Logan Rabe (Grove City College)
They Deny that It Is an Evil: A Reconsideration of Antebellum Southern Liberalism,”
                        Anthony Comegna (University of Pittsburgh)

     Beyond the Market? Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
Privatization of Public Libraries,” Melody Diehl (University of Pittsburgh)
n Austrian Approach to Charitable Endeavors,” Walter Melnik (Grove City College)
Empty Architecture, Empty Seats: The Anomaly of Modern Art Music," Shane Hoose
                      (University of Iowa)
                     “The Economics of Slavery,” Catherine Haas (Grove City College)
“Agent-Based Modeling and Austrian Economics,” Connor Clark
                      (Grove City College)

3:30-5:00 Sessions

     Disrupting the Social Order. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.
Blood Money: How the Federal Reserve Enables War and Undermines Civil Liberties,”
                      Lukus Collins (University of Detroit, Mercy)
                    The State and Central Banking, the Irresistible Symbiosis,” Ryan Budny 
(Grove City College)
                    Essay on ‘the Rule of Law in Decline,’” Sora Park (SUNY Buffalo)
                    "Civil Society as an Arena of Moral Education,” Jacob Roundtree (Colby College)

     ▪ Booms and Busts. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.
                  "The Great Depression II: A Comparative Look at Similarities between the Great
                    Depression and the Great Recession
,” Brian Lonto (Grove City College)
                  Systemic Uncertainty: An Examination of Its Causes and Repercussions,” Soren Kreider
                   (Grove City College)
                  “Greenspan, Bernanke, and the Expansion of the Federal Reserve’s Power,” John Dellape
                   (Grove City College)
                  “Higher Education: Housing Market 2.0?,” Kirby Gowen (Grove City College) 

5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.

6:45-7:00 Awarding of the Richard E. Fox Prizes for Best Papers. Sticht Lecture Hall.

7:00-8:00 Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.
“Macroeconomics: Good and Bad”             Dr. Guido Hülsmann
                                                                                   Professor of Economics – U. of Angers