ASSC Schedule



Friday, October 31, 2008


4:00-5:00 Registration. HAL Atrium.


5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.


7:00-8:00 Hans Sennholz Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.


    “Market Chosen Law”                    Dr. Edward Stringham

                                                            Professor of Economics – Trinity College



Saturday, November 1, 2008


8:00-8:30 Coffee and Pastries. HAL Atrium.


8:30-10:00 Sessions


     ▪ Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “Entrepreneurship in Austrian Economics,” Matt Mueller (Washington University)

            • “Moral Entrepreneurship at Any Cost: Entrepreneurship, Rule Creation, and the

    Temperance Movement,” Nicholas Snow (George Mason University)

“Choose Life,” Stefan Madsen (Copenhagen Business School)


     ▪ Interventionism. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “The Fallacy of Food Safety Regulation and the Need for a Mengerian Revival,”

    Tomohide Yasuda (University of Massachusetts at Boston)

            • “To Wine or Not to Wine: Public Expenditures in the European Wine Sector,” Rebecca

    Newborn (Grove City College)

• “Government Intervention in Cases of Market Failure,” Molly Anderson (Grove City




10:15-11:45 Sessions


     ▪ Anarchy, State, and Utopia. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “A Christian Anarchist Perspective on the Formation of the State,” James O’Connor

    (Collin College)

“The Folly of Libertarianism: The Ugly Side of Our Economic Savior,” Mark Warner

    (Grove City College)

            • “Aspects of the Utopian Market Economy,” James Barson (Grove City College)


     ▪ Failures of Monetary Policy. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Hyperinflation Chaos and Its Impact on Economic Calculation: Evidence from the

                Zimbabwean Experience,” Dmitriy Kha (Suffolk University)

            • “The Value of the Dollar: Monetary Theory and Its Application in Government Policy,”

    Jordan Benis (Grove City College)

• “Market Bubbles, the Causes and Effects of Malinvestments,” Tyler Phillips (Grove

    City College)

            • “The History of Money in America,” Peter Johnson (Grove City College)


12:00-1:30 Lunch. SU Great Room.


1:45-3:15 Sessions


     ▪ Austrians on Theory and Policy. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

“Time Preference and Money: A Dynamic Reappraisal,” David Howden (Rey Juan

    Carlos University)

“Mises and the Austrians: A Suggested Interpretation,” Matt Mueller (Washington


• “Rothbard’s View of Government as a Monetary Authority,” Sean Sredl (Grove City



     ▪ Social Order and Law. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Competition and the Development of Legal Institutions,” John Singleton (Colorado

                University, Denver)

“The Legalization of Blackmail and the Provision of Testimony,” Jeff Henderson

    (University of Calgary)

“Organized Crime and Self-Enforcing Exchange,” David Skarbek (George Mason



3:30-5:00 Sessions


     ▪ Financial Markets. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “Transparency and Efficiency: How Short Selling Facilitates Markets,” Mark Phillips

    (Grove City College)

• “Heterogeneity and Exchange: How Homogeneity Laws Led to the Collapse of La

    Convivencia,” Dan Smith (George Mason University)

• “Self-Governance and the Rise of Hanseatic Cities,” Alexander Fink (George Mason



     ▪ What Should Firms Do. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Corporate Social Responsibility,” David Hannibal (Grove City College)

“Margaret Thatcher’s Revolution and the Austrian Influence,” Scott Dennis (Grove City


• “Free Trade in Agriculture,” Elizabeth Kahn (Grove City College)


5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.


6:45-7:00 Awarding of the Richard E. Fox Prizes for Best Papers. Sticht Lecture Hall.


7:00-8:00 Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.


    “Portraits from My Life and Learning,                   Dr. Robert Higgs

      Illuminated by Economic Analysis”                     Senior Fellow – Independent Institute