ASSC Schedule



Friday, February 18, 2011


4:00-5:00 Registration. HAL Atrium.


5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.


7:00-8:00 Hans Sennholz Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.


    “Why Only Austrians Understand            Dr. Robert P. Murphy

      the True Danger of Bernanke” [video]   Senior Fellow – Pacific Research Institute  




Saturday, February 19, 2011


8:00-8:30 Coffee and Pastries. HAL Atrium.


8:30-10:00 Sessions


     ▪ Institutions and Information: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “Institutional Theory: A Marginal Analysis of Institutions,” Lode Cossaer

    (University of Antwerp)

            • “Dynamic Equilibrium Process and Resource Based View: Austrian Approach

    Jong Chul Won (University of Missouri)

• “The Framework of Intellectual Property,” Anthony Oriti (Grove City College)

• “Science, Technology, and State,” Walter Melnik (Grove City College)


     ▪ The End of Planning. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Planning the End of Planning: Dis-intervention and the Knowledge Problem

    Kyle O’Donnell (SUNY, Purchase)

            • “Central Economic Planning and India’s Economic Performance (1950-1965): A

    Re-examination,” G.P. Manish (Suffolk University)

• “Consumer vs. Bureaucratic Sovereignty,” Bruce Stahl (Grove City College)

• “An Austrian Analysis of Eminent Domain,” Alex Schroeder (University of



10:15-11:45 Sessions


     ▪ Theory and History of Interventionism: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “Japan’s Lost Generation: An Economic and Historical Perspective,”

    Christopher Testa (Pace University)

            • “Japan, the Fall of a Miracle System,” Mark Fuller (Grove City College)

• “Economic Downturns and Government Intervention,” Melissa Sinopoli (Grove

    City College)

• “Capitalism, Socialism, Calculation, and Culture,” Brent Butgereit (Rhodes


• “Using the Free Market to Attain the Goals of the Climate Change Movement,”

    Andrew Chowning (University of Northwestern Ohio)


     ▪ The Markets for Money and Credit. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Money or Money Substitutes?: Implications of Selgin’s Small Change

    Challenge,” Malavika Nair (Suffolk University)

            • “Monetary Disequilibrium Theory and Business Cycles: An Austrian Critique

    Ken Zahringer (University of Missouri)

• “Network Effects and Hayek’s Proposal for Competing Monies,” Will Luther

    (George Mason University)

• “The Social Function of Derivatives Markets,” Xavier Mιra (University of



12:00-1:30 Lunch. SU Great Room.


1:45-3:15 Sessions


     ▪ Religions of the Left. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

• “The Social Gospel of Jane Addams and the Catholic Christian Response:

    Competing Views of Charity and Their Implications,” Brandon Harnish

    (Huntington University)

• “Global Climate Warming Change Ism: The Religion of the Left and Its Free

    Market Devil,” Dustin Clark (Xavier University)

• “Towards an Ethical Conception of the Market Order: An Integration of

    Austrian Economics and Hegel’s Ethics,” Jacob Rountree (Colby College)

• “The Confrontation with Equality in Mises and Rothbard,” Alex Pepper (Grove

    City College)


     ▪ Law, Legislation, and Liberty. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “Toward an Anarchist Constitutional Political Economy,” Michael Wiebe

    (University of Manitoba)

• “Monetary Policy and the Rule of Law,” Brittany Cobb (Grove City College)

• “Judicial Decision Making: An Austrian Perspective,” Christopher Holbrook

    (University of Missouri)

• “The Right of Resistance in Ancient China,” Daniel Rodriquez Carreiro

    (University of Santiago)


3:30-5:00 Sessions


     ▪ Prices in Theory and History. Chairman: Jeff Herbener. HAL 114.

            • “The Firm and Strategic Factor Markets: Analyzing the Role of the Firm in the

                Creation of, and Pricing in, Factor Markets,” Per Bylund (University of


• “A Dissertation on the Causal Nature and Foundations of Market Price Theory,”

    Abhi Mallick (University of London)

• “An Austrian Look at the Price Revolution,” Joel Fiscus (Grove City College)

• “Inflation and Military Expenditures in the Roman Empire, 161-305 A.D.

    Adam Botting (Grove City College)


     ▪ Economics and Politics. Chairman: Shawn Ritenour. HAL 116.

            • “What is Political Entrepreneurship,” Matthew McCaffrey (University of


• “Roots of the Modern Mixed Economy: What We Can Learn from Civil War

    Government Intervention,” Harrison Ealey (Grove City College)

• “The Story of the Suburbs: How the State Destroyed Our Cities and Segregated

    Society,” Brian Foglia (Richard Stockton College)

• “Oil Monopoly: A Market Process Analysis from the Austrian School,” Ryan

    Wood (University of London)


5:30-6:30 Dinner. SU Great Room.


6:45-7:00 Awarding of the Richard E. Fox Prizes for Best Papers. Sticht Lecture Hall.


7:00-8:00 Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture. Sticht Lecture Hall.


    “Hyperinflation and the Abolition             Dr. Joseph T. Salerno

        of Human Personality” [video]             Professor of Economics – Pace University                                                                   Senior Fellow – Ludwig von Mises Institute