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Featuring Angela Buckler '08

Graduate School: Penn State University

Graduate Program: Teaching and Curriculum

Doctorate School: Regent University

Doctorate Program: Educational Psychology

Information on Angela's employment profile

Position: 2nd Grade Teacher

School: Southern York County School District

Location: Glen Rock, PA

(Profiled: 2011)


♦  What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?
♦  How did you explore graduate schools?

♦  Do you have any tips related to the application process?


What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?

I knew before I finished college that I wanted to go to graduate school because I knew my education wasn’t done, and I wanted to continue learning how to be a better teacher.  GCC provided me with a strong foundation but I still have a lot to learn.  Getting my master’s degree was always a priority, especially when going through the education program with Dr. Nichols.


How did you explore graduate school?

First I had to figure out what type of degree I wanted to obtain.  I knew that I needed to choose something I was interested in and wanted to spend time (and money) investing in.  Once I decided on the program, I looked into schools that offered what I was looking for.  I also visited one of Penn State’s branch campuses when traveling for a job interview to learn more about the program and all they had to offer.  Once I had the program I looked to see where campuses were located and I based my job search on those locations.


Do you have any tips related to the application process?

Find an organizational system that works best for you and stick with it.  Being organized will help you through every step of the process.   


More information about Angela's experience with Southern York County School District and employment-related tips


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