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Featuring Christy Knable '10
Graduate School: University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Program: Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.)  in Reading/Writing/Literacy (Reading Specialist Certification)

(Profiled: January 2012)


♦  What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?
♦  How did you explore graduate school?
♦  Do you have any tips related to the application process?


What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?

I decided to apply to graduate school to:

♦  Further my pedagogical understandings

♦  Gain knowledge that would prepare me to be a leader in my field

♦  Explore an opportunity in the field of education until I obtained full-time teaching employment


I decided to go to graduate school for the following reasons:

♦  Despite having found full-time teaching employments with Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) after applying to graduate school, I had the opportunity to attend a top-tier institution full-time.

♦  Recognied during my first-year of teaching that I had developed numerous questions that I hoped to study further in graduate school

♦  I decided on University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education so as to keep my certifications all in the same state.


How did you explore graduate school?

♦  I first decided to pursue a graduate degree in education rather than in the social sciences in order to study teaching.

♦  I narrowed my list down to the top graduate schools of education across the country and applied to the best programs that fit my goals.

♦  I spoke with current students at the various schools and some of the professors I would be working with as well.


Do you have any tips related to the application process?

♦  Decide on what you are looking to gain from Graduate Studies and then find the program that meet your standards.

♦  Talk with current students of your program to discuss what the coursework truly consists of day-to-day.

♦  Decide if you want to complete a thesis—many programs do not have this, but it can be a tremendously valuable experience to study a topic this extensively.


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