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Featuring Lauren Rothermel '08


Graduate School: Edinboro University

Graduate Program: M.Ed in Reading

Information on Lauren's employment profile

Position: 1st Grade Teacher

School: Moon Area School District

Location: Moon Township, PA

(Profiled: 2011)


♦  What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?
How did you explore graduate schools?

♦  Do you have any tips related to the application process?

♦  Did you obtain a Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantship?  If so, what was that application process like?


What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?

After talking to professors, elementary teachers and principals about the job market and what schools are looking for in candidates, I decided to specialize.  This gave me an additional certification, as well as my Master's and the opportunity to learn more.  I was very interested in reading and teaching kids who had more difficulty.  I was fascinated by the strategies that can be used to help them and all learners in the classroom, so I decided to apply to graduate schools.


How did you explore graduate school?

I narrowed my selection by reputation of program, location, and availability of graduate assistantships.  I spoke with and asked for advice from GCC professors.  With their guidance and my research, I knew the kinds of questions to ask when I met with the director of the graduate programs of the school to which I applied.


Do you have any tips related to the application process?

Similar to the interview process, form a relationship with someone in the department.  They are there to help and can alleviate some stress when it comes to applying.  There are many connections, so don't be afraid tell people you know where you are applying and what you would like to study.  For every school I applied to, I had a "go-to" person whom I trusted (GCC professor, friend from home, teacher).


Did you obtain a Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantship? If so, what was that application process like?

I had an assisantship in the college writing center.  Everyone should look into assistantships!  They alleviate cost, give you experience, and help form connections with others.  After you seek out the forms needed, check off any area in which you have experience (religious groups, sports, activities, community service, academics, teaching, etc).  After that, sometimes a letter of recommendation is needed.  Once all paperwork is completed and filed, call and make sure it arrived.  Let the staff know you want it!  I then had to interview for the position in person.  I don't know if this is required for all assistanships, but it was for both schools I applied to.


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