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Featuring Jennifer Cavalieri

Featuring Heather Thompson '00

Graduate School: Notre Dame College of Ohio

Information on Heather's employment profile

Position: Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Salem Christian School
Location: Macungie, PA

(Profiled: May 2013)


♦  What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?
How did you explore graduate schools?

♦  Do you have any tips related to the application process?


What influenced your decision to go to graduate school?

Honestly, what influenced my decision to go to graduate school was a conversation with a wonderful, experienced principal for whom I worked for almost three years as a long-term sub.  She knew me well, and wanted to see me teach in that district.  But, as she said, jobs were scarce and having a reading endorsement and/or special education license would only help me.  It indeed has, even if I have moved since then.  Completing the Master's was only a matter of taking a few more classes, and it was a worth-while decision as I will finish after this semester.


How did you explore graduate school?

There were several well-respected graduate schools in the Cleveland area, so my choices were vast.  Notre Dame College, however,  was esteemed highly, had convenient class times, and accommodated me and other students with their on-line courses once I moved here to PA again and wanted to finish.


Do you have any tips related to the application process?

Be honest, and be yourself.  Don't be afraid to share your accomplishments.  I've often underestimated my own abilities and skills; so ask others who have taught for more years than you have to critique your teaching and strengths.  Most of all:  be patient and confident in knowing everything works out the way it does for a reason.  It may seem like a cliche, but God is truly in control.


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