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Frequently Asked Questions About...


Job Search

Q: How do I handle references?

A: First, identify potential references.  This should be someone who can speak to your teaching skills.  Include others who can speak to leadership and work-related skills as well.  Allow plenty for your references to write a letter of recommendation.  Follow-up with a thank-you note.  Afterwards, keep in touch with your references.  They can serve as a critical professional network.  Finally, develop a reference summary sheet, and include the following:

-Your name at the top, "References for..."

-Include full contact info for reference

-List both work and home contact info

-Include their relationship to you


Q: What should I include in my portfolio?

A: Job Search Preparation


Q: How do I write a cover letter?

A: Writing a Cover Letter


Q: When I need an official transcript, how do I request it?

A: Online via the Registrar's office


Q: Are there scholarship opportunities specific to education?

A: Here is a link to undergrads and those pursuing graduate school


Q: Where should I begin networking?

A: Begin with field experience and student teaching contacts.  Include faculty in your department.  Don't forget to check out GCC alumni on eCommunity.  And family, friends, church, employers, friends of friends, etc.


Q: What if I'm relocating to a new area?

A: Locate the state certification office (AAEE Job Search Handbook & ECS website).  Review Chamber of Commerce websites and local newspapers.  Use to locate local newspapers.  Search for GCC alumni in the area using eCommunity.  Also check with the school district on their website or with personnel about relocation information.  It may also be helpful to check with local colleges, universities, and churches.


Q: How do I decide between a full-time teaching position and full-time graduate school?

A: During a challenging job market, it is particularly helpful to consider the marketability of an advanced degree.  Consider what certifications are in demand?  Based on your personal strengths and interests, it may be helpful to factor in teaching areas that are in demand. 


Q: If I am uncertain if I fit in the teaching profession, are there other jobs that might relate to the education field?

A: There are many options!  A few are listed below:

Private and Charter Schools - If you are still interested in teaching, but are having difficulty finding teaching vacancies, check out opportunities with private and charter schools.

♦Cyber Schools (TIP: You don't need to LIVE in the state where the school is based.)

♦Tutoring/Learning Centers

AmeriCorps - While you won't earn substantial income as a "volunteer" with AmeriCorps, you'll receive a significant stipend and gain valuable experience. 

International Experience

♦Alternative Education - You may find the most significant number of opportunities via alternative education--whether they provide services through a local school district or operate as residential facilities, alternative ed employers provide excellent opportunities for teachers, particularly with special needs and at-risk youth.

♦Community/Non-Profit Organizations - This is a broad category that includes organizations such as the YMCA, Spina Bifida Association, Girl Scouts of America, etc.  (TIP: Search the United Way website in your area.)

♦Government - TIP: Be resourceful!  For example, many states sponsor a Migrant Education Program.  They hire teachers and administrators for positions working with the children and families of migrant workers.

♦Corporate Training - If you enjoy explaining new material and engaging adult learners, you might consider transferring your teaching skills to corporate training.



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