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Interview Preparation


Click here for some tips on the interview process from recent GCC grads!


"Tell me about yourself."

"What did you struggle with during student teaching?"

"How would your cooperating teacher describe your classroom management skills?"


Employment interviews can be rigorous and unsettling.  However, if you prepare well you can relax and articulate answers that are authentic and professional, allowing the application process to move forward.  Preparation is also the key to proactively asking effective questions as YOU assess the employer or graduate program.  After all, interviewing is a two-way street: you aren't the only player being assessed; you are evaluating the prospective employer (or grad program) to see if their organization and position are compatible with your goals.


ECS can assist you with the interview preparation.  Consider the following services:

  • Individual Meeting- Schedule an appointment with ECS to discuss goals, anticipate interview questions, and develop questions for the employers or grad schools you are pursuing.

  • Job Search Handbook – Review some great articles on pages 27-38 and you'll feel better prepared for the interview.  Some examples include: Commonly Asked Interview Questions, Navigating the Structured Interview, Using STAR to Answer Behavioral-Based Interview Questions, Acing the Cyber Interview, Top 10 Tips for Candidates at a Teacher Job Fair, The Importance of the Thank-you Letters.

  • Mock Interview- Pursue a video-recorded mock interview with ECS.  A 20-minute simulated interview can help you practice your interview skills. Ms. Beute ( will review the tape with you and coach you through the process as you both evaluate how you might prepare for the "real thing."

  • Interview Seminars- ECS will offer interview prep sessions throughout the year such as the professional development seminar sponsored by KDP, Interview Like a Professional: Because You Are

  • Teaching a Demonstration LessonFinalists for a position may be asked to teach an abbreviated or demonstration lesson.  For more information, review these guidelines and tips.

  • How to Write a Thank-You - A simple thank-you letter can give an edge in the interview process.  Check out this link to learn more about why and how to write a thank-you letter.  (The AAEE Job Search Handbook also contains info on thank-you letters.)

  • Additional Information: For a great list of potential interview questions and interviewing tips, click here.  As always, make an appointment with ECS for more info!



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