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Job Search Tips


Getting Started

1. Identify (list) your strengths.  Consider how you can articulate and demonstrate strengths.


2. Identify skills of a teacher.  Develop a list of top skills that are needed to be a successful teacher.  Consult Standards for Teacher Educators (Association of Teacher Educators) and Critical Skills for Teachers (AASPA Teacher of the Future).


3. Prepare a resume that is targeted to the district's needs.  Rank-order information related to the employer's needs and focus on teaching experiences and related experiences/skills.


4. Identify potential references who can speak to your teaching strengths (co-op, college supervisor, building principal, etc.)  Include others who have supervised you as an employee or in a leadership role.  Give your references a copy of your resume and plenty of time to complete your letter of recommendation (start early).  Follow up with a thank-you note.  Prepare a list of a summary of references with full contact information; indicate each reference's relationships to you (e.g. Cooperating Teacher or Academic Advisor).  Keep in touch with these critical members of your professional network!


5. Acquire and maintain necessary documents such as your college transcript, background clearances, and test score documentation.


6. Develop a user-friendly e-portfolio.  Practice using it to support your strengths.  Include links to it in your resume.  Be prepared to use it in the interview--consider how you can reference it to support your answers.


7. Prepare a cover letter that you can adapt for respective school districts.  Keep cover letters to 1-page; use professional language but not overstated, flowery terms.  In your letter, target your strengths related to the needs of the district.


Identifying Employment Opportunities

1. Personal and Professional Network - Use your field experience and student teaching contacts.  Ask GCC Faculty for contacts or networking opportunities.  Peruse the Alumni Relations website and check the Job Postings pages.  Also, research GCC alumni through the Alumni Directory - to build your network of resources and contacts.  When at a professional conference or in-service, identify contacts and add them to your LinkedIn network.


2. Online Resources

Use the ECS website, especially the Employment Connections pages, for State-Designated Job Search Sites, online placement services, centralized clusters of job vaccancies, and individual employer sites.


3. Identifying School Districts

Bookmark specific school district sites and visit their Employment Opportunities postings often. To find school districts in a targeted geographical area, consult the DOE for that state. Also, use the online resources above to use unique application process for specific school districts.  For example, if a targeted school district uses PAeducator as their employment application process, you'll want to use this.


4. Job Fairs - Check for job fair listings on the ECS listing of upcoming job fairs.  Also consider State DOE websites, and college/university career center websites in the geographical area you've identified.


5. Relocating - Use your resources!  Review the state DOE websites, Chamber of Commerce websites, local newspapers, district websites, and district personnel.  Also, don't forget to search for GCC alumni in that area through the Alumni Directory.


Applying for Jobs

1. Research District Guidelines - Do they accept online applications only, hard copy only, PA-Educator applications?  Can you submit an application if there are no posted vacancies?  Where should you send your application?  Check the district website for this information.


2. Submission of Materials - Include a cover letter targeted to the individual (name, not title, if possible).  Follow the application guidelines exactly.  If necessary, call for clarification about the process or requested materials.  Submit complete files when possible (use a placeholder letter in lieu of certificate).  Document the full process so you can follow-up appropriately and "build" on this for related activity.


3. Follow-up - Stay organized!  Record everything including names, dates, methods of contact, phone conversations, etc.  Keep a copy of everything--letters, resumes, thank-you notes, job notices, etc.  Follow-up to ensure that your file is complete.


For clarification, information, or an appointment, contact


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