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Job Search in the U.S.

Click on the links below to search for jobs in Pennsylvania, across the country, in private and charter schools,  or in high needs areas.


Public School Search (K-12)


Top Picks

State-by-State List - Search for teaching jobs through each state's website. - Search for jobs and fill out applications for a variety of states. - Create a free account and search for jobs by location, category, grade level, and job type.

Teachers-Teachers - Create a free account and find job openings in a variety of education-related fields. - Search by job title, keyword, or company name for any city or zip code in the nation.

50 States' K-12 Job Opportunities - Links to education opportunities across the country. - Search engine for jobs in the U.S.

Education America Network - Create an account to search job openings and gain access to a wide variety of job search resources. - Listing of job opportunities across the nation.

Want To Teach - Search for jobs in education throughout the U.S. 


Other Comprehensive Resources

ABC Teaching Jobs - Create a free account to receive notifications of job postings in any area that you choose.

Academic Employment Network - Search for jobs using a variety of filters, and gain information about improving and posting your resume.

Certification Map - Describes how to obtain teacher certification for bachelor's and master's programs. - Create a free account and browse national and international jobs.

Education-Jobs-Search - Create a free account, post resumes, and search for jobs across the nation.

Great Teacher - Search for jobs and ask/answer questions on the discussion board feature.

Southern Teachers Agency - Apply to STA and browse teaching positions with private schools in Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

Want To Teach - Create a free account to search for administrative, instructional, and support positions throughout the United States.


Not Education-Specific

CareerJet - Search for education jobs (and jobs from other fields) by state.

Current Jobs: (Username: gcc, Password: cs16127) - Find up-to-date job postings from schools across the nation.

Glassdoor & Monster - Has some teaching opportunities available, both public and private.

News Voyager - Check your local newspaper for job vacancies!

Pennsylvania Career Coach- a statewide, free online tool designed to help PA students and job seekers make lasting career choices.

Urban Employment - Choose from a variety of cities in the US to search for job openings.


Private Schools

Association of Christian Schools International

Christian School Employment

Southern Teachers Agency (typically, elementary education positions require certification; secondary level positions do not)

Carney Sandoe Associates, Boston (many positions require teaching experience)

Association of Classical Christian Schools

*Most sites listed under "PA" and "National" job search above include private teaching opportunities as well


Charter Schools

List of Top Charter Schools in the United States

List of Top Magnet Schools in the United States

List of Top Open Enrollment Schools in the United States

Edison Schools - provides an excellent education for all students by collaborating with school districts and forming charter schools for underprivileged students

AUSL - this program in Chicago works to improve student achievement in chronically failing public schools.

KIPP School - a national network of free, open enrollment, college preparatory public schools in low SES communities throughout the U.S.

MATCH Charter Public School - MATCH has been recognized by the Effective Practice Incentive Community as Gold Medal winner because of its replicable student achievement gains. MATCH High School was recently named 51st in Newsweek’s list of the top high schools in the nation.

Uncommon Schools - A nonprofit organization that manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college.


*Most sites listed under "PA," "National" and "Private" above include charter school opportunities as well.



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