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Frequently Asked Questions


PDE - FAQs – this is an excellent resource for questions related to Level I and Level II certification, applying for a name change, keeping instructional certificates active, etc.


ETS/Praxis – FAQs – In addition to info on preparing for the test, registration, scores, etc., ETS offers a Top 10 list of FAQs.


Additional Questions:


1)    How do I know what specific subjects my PA certificate qualifies me to teach?

Check out the descriptions for each certification area under the Certification Staffing Policies Guidelines (CSPG)


Instructional I to Instructional II Q & A:


       1)  When does my PA Instructional I expire?


After Six years teaching in a Pennsylvania Public School.


       2)  Can my Instructional I be renewed?


No, it must be converted to an Instructional II.  If your Instructional I expires you will not be able to teach in Pennsylvania.


       3)  What if I am not in PA, will my Instructional I expire after 6 years?


No, the clock is only ticking when you are teaching in a PA public school.


      4)  What does it take to convert my Instructional I to an Instructional II?


1.       Completion of 3 years of satisfactory service in a Pennsylvania Public School (note: the three satisfactory years does not have to be with the same school district).

2.    Successful completion of a School Induction Program (most schools provide this to their teachers in their first year of teaching).

3.       24 earned credits of Post-baccalaureate (with at least 6 of these in the content area that you are currently certified in).  Also note that these must be from a 4 year college or University, community college credits will NOT count.  Credits in Law, Medicine and Theology will not count toward these required 24 credits.           

      5)  Where do I apply for my Instructional II?

Go to the PA Department of Education and log in to your TIMS account.  Begin a new application and select Instructional II for type of certification. 


Act 48 Q & A:

      1)  Is Act 48 the same as Instructional I to II?

No, Act 48 is continuing professional education required for teachers holding PA certification.

      2)  How many Act 48 hours do I need for each 5 year window?

Six credits of college level study; six credits of PDE approved continuing Ed; or 180 hours of continuing Ed.  Note: Each semester collegiate credit is equal to 30 continuing education hours and each quarter collegiate credit is equal to 20 continuing Ed hours.

      3)  I heard that Act 48 was put on hold; is that true?

Yes and No- Yes there was a 2 year hold placed in 2011 which means all educators were given 2 extra years to complete the hours.  No, because you were able to accumulate hours during this period.

      4)  If I am not in PA do I still need to do Act 48?

Yes, Unlike Instructional I time clock, the Act 48 five year cycle clock begins ticking upon graduation and does not stop regardless of where you currently are located.

     5)  So If I am not in PA is there a way to stop the Act 48 5 year cycle      clock?

Yes, you can file a voluntary inactive form with PDE which will keep your license valid until you return to PA and re-activate.  When you re-activate you will have to complete some ACT 48 hours prior to the certificate becoming valid again. 

     6)  Can I log Act 48 hours for college credits or workshops outside of PA?

Yes, to do so you will need to have the providing institution complete paperwork and submit it to PDE for their review.

    7)  Where can I check my Act 48 status


If you have further questions or need assistance completing your Instructional II application contact:

Dr. Jarrett Chapman

Assistant Professor of Education and Certification Officer

724-458-2014 | | GCC Box 2820 100 Campus Dr. Grove City PA 16127


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