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Grad School FAQs



FAQs of Grad School


Q: How do I know if graduate school is right for me?

Q: Where/How do I begin the search?

Q: Do I need to take an entrance exam?

Q: What else should I send in with my application?

Q: How can I pay for graduate school?

Q: Will I have to interview?

Q: Will I be prepared for graduate school?



Q: How do I know if graduate school is right for me?

A: Consider your end career goal.  If you see yourself in a profession that would require post-secondary studies or if you would like to enhance your expertise in a particular field, graduate school might be the right path for you.  Access the resource below for more insight as to whether or not grad school would be right for you.

Recommended Resource:

Career Management Guide: Is Graduate School Right for You?
 (Copyright (c) 2009 by College Recruitment Media, Inc., Geneva, IL)


Q: Where/How do I begin the search?
A: Think about what you looked for in choosing a school for your undergraduate program. Consider the quality or ranking of the program, financial aid, and opportunities for assistantships. Consider whether the program is research or teaching-based, online or in-person, and Masters v. Masters/Ph.D. Consider the length of the program, additional add-ons available, the geographical location, as well as the research faculty. Has the faculty published any articles? You can learn about their philosophy of education from their publications.

Recommended Resources 

Graduate School Guide


U.S. News & World Report, America's Best Graduate Schools

Master's in Education

Masters In Education Online


Q: Do I need to take an entrance exam?
A: It depends. Some schools require the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) or the MAT (Miller Analogies Test). Check application guidelines in order to determine which test and what scores the school requires. The GRE is a comprehensive exam with analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning sections, with specific tests for some subject areas. For more information on cost, format, testing centers, etc., check the ETS website.  The test costs $185 but scores are valid for five years. The MAT is a 120-question exam with all analogies that is administered for one hour on paper or online. The cost varies depending on the testing location ($50 at GCC—see Scott Gordon to schedule). The MAT scores are valid for five years also. In order to prepare, download practice tests and check out study books from your local library.

Helpful Websites:

**How to study for the GRE

Miller Analogies

Q: What else should I send with my application?
Send your Statement of purpose (equivalent to an undergraduate admissions essay), letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Plan to write separate essays for each school. Don’t be modest in your essays—show off and “sell yourself.” For recommendations, ask faculty and staff a few months ahead of time. If you are allowed, fill out as much information on the letter of recommendation form as possible in order to save the person time. Put all materials together in a packet labeled with due dates/directions on post-it notes, as well as stamped self-addressed envelopes. Tactfully remind faculty about letters and timelines, and remember to follow-up with thank-you notes.

Recommended Resources:

Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Statement
(Copyright (c) 2012 by College Recruitment Media, Inc., Geneva, IL)

Writing a Winning Graduate School Statement

(Copyright (c) University of California Berkeley)


Q: How can I pay for graduate school?
Financial Aid—FILL OUT THE FAFSA! FAFSA considers only your finances (not your parents/guardians). Fill out financial aid forms for each school within the university, and ask each school about the assistantship process. Remember to apply for outside scholarships.

Q: Will I have to interview?
Mostly likely—but Mrs. Snyder will do a recorded mock interviews with you. Look over general questions ahead of time and prepare answers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarification during the interview. Prepare a list of question you want to ask the interviewer before you go. Also, see if you can talk with and/or get a tour with a current student on the day that you interview.



Q: Will I be prepared for graduate school?

Other Resources Available to Students & Alumni:
-Use the alumni database (eCommunity) to search for contact info for GCC alumni who attend the university or graduate program.
-Don’t be afraid to contact professors with questions ahead of time; developing rapport makes your name familiar.
-If you are an underclassmen, ask GCC professors if they need help doing research.
-Obtain experience doing research and writing papers at the scholarly level by presenting at a conference. Network with people and professors there to “get your name out there.”
-Attend professional conferences to learn about Best Practices and current research in education, as well as practical applications that can be used in the classroom.




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