Wolverine BEST Hub 2010 Competition

Kick-Off Day was Saturday, September 11, 2010, at 10 AM in Crawford Auditorium.  We saw a lot of enthusiasm and handed out all the materials teams will use to build their robots.  Teams were also introduced to this year's game.


Mall Day was Saturday, October 9, at 10 AM at Ross Park Mall in the north hills of Pittsburgh (http://www.simon.com/mall/default.aspx?id=158 ).  At Mall Day, each team had a chance to practice on the competition field, which was be set up in the center of the mall.


Game Day was Friday and Saturday, October 22, 23 at Grove City College.  Pictures available: the event, awards, robots.  Results were:

     1st Place BEST Award - Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy

     2nd Place BEST Award - West Middlesex High School

     3rd Place BEST Award - Mercer High School

     1st Place Robot Competition - Grove City High School

     2nd Place Robot Competition - Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy

     3rd Place Robot Competition - Youngstown Christian School

     4th Place Robot Competition - Reynolds High School

     Founders Award for Design - Youngstown Christian School

     Most Robust Robot - Slippery Rock Middle School

     BEST Middle School - Slippery Rock MIddle School

     BEST Engineering Notebook - Mercer High School

     BEST Oral Presentation - Grove City High School

     BEST Display Booth - Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy

     BEST Spirit and Sportsmanship - Slippery Rock High School



Premier Level - ANSYS Inc., http://www.ansys.com/

Platinum Level - Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc, http://www.bpmionline.com/

Platinum Level - Grove City College, http://www.gcc.edu/

Gold Level - Joy Mining Machinery, http://www.joy.com/

Silver Level - Pine Instruments Company, http://www.pineinst.com/index_ie.htm

Bronze Level - Booksmarts,  http://www.booksmartstax.com



Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy, http://cornerstoneprep.net/default.aspx

Mohawk Area School District, http://www.mohawk.k12.pa.us/mohawk/site/default.asp

Reynolds School District, http://www.edline.net/pages/reynolds/

Hermitage School District, http://www.hermitage.k12.pa.us/

Lawrence County Career &Technical Center, http://www.lcvt.tec.pa.us/lcvt/site/default.asp

Slippery Rock High School, http://www.slipperyrock.k12.pa.us/

Slippery Rock Middle School, http://www.slipperyrock.k12.pa.us/Slippery_Rock_Middle_School.html

Youngstown Christian School, https://ycsweb.com/Home.php

West Middlesex Area School District, http://www.wmasd.k12.pa.us/

George Junior Republic, http://www.gjr.k12.pa.us/

Mercer School District, http://www.mercer.k12.pa.us/default.aspx

Grove City High School, http://www.grovecity.k12.pa.us/grovecity/site/default.asp