Internship Experiences

Sarah Fuhrey

"I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know it would be today." - T.S. Eliot. In high school I battled the writer's vocation. I considered attending medical school and labeled English majors odd, artsy, hungry. God's thoughts and ways, however, are not mine; and since I think perusing John Locke trounces examining wrinkled livers, my flirtation with science fizzled. I, rejoicing with Homer's bookish sirens, entered college as an English major and eventually pursued a journalism internship. I suppose I have always known that at last I would take this road; that the internship - gained by posting an un-petitioned resume to a 50,000-circulation newspaper - would conclude; yet I did not know it would be today. I served as a reporter from May to June of 2002, covering disasters and features, investigating police reports and scribbling a weekly column, titled Addison's Walk. In my first column, I decreed my summer's purpose:

…I am interning at The New Age-Examiner… and am praying the experience leads me a bit nearer the career question…[Recently vacationing in England,] I trod Addison's Walk, a tree-lined path C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien often pattered… For the Inklings the walk led to conversion, inspiration and ultimate answers.

My internship permitted me to toddle a private Addison's Walk. Hoping to discover the journalism career's door either glued shut or flung open by September, I crafted phrases and scrubbed coffee machines and traveled hours to conduct interviews and arrived early and stayed late. Although a few interviewees, citing my youth and "Christian bias," refused my inquiries, most offered advice and suggestions… the blacksmith, astronomer, high school salutatorian, nuns, volunteer artist, dairy farmer, principal, fire victim… all inspired me. For an hour or two my interviewees allowed me to probe, record and snap photographs. For eternity I will treasure their insight, kindness and gratitude. The last bend of Addison's Walk is rounded, the bend of opportunity I always knew existed. Less than a year after my internship I was accepted into the World Journalism Institute's summer program and invited to edit for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I continue to write my column for The New Age-Examiner. Leaves flutter, sunshine breaks and the pulsing, clacking newsroom whirls. Today the door opens, and the writer's vocation beckons.

Sarah D. Fuhrey
English Major
Class of 2005
Parachute, Colo.


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