English Department

Why English?

Children who could plead honestly to their mother, "I didn't hear you," because they were lost between the pages of a book. Students who took secret pleasure in perfecting the use of a semi-colon. Those who now own glasses after repeatedly reading in the dark as their captivating book kept them from noticing a setting sun. Their passion can now become a degree.

The English program at Grove City College encourages students to explore further the works that lured their interest early in life. Focusing on great English, American and world literature, the department strives to add depth and revelation to this natural enjoyment. Beyond the fads of contemporary criticism and response, this program approaches the study of literature as a search for absolute truth in respect to God, man, life, creation and morality.

This exploration focuses on three areas: the ideas communicated by the author, the form through which the literature expresses these ideas, and the responses appropriate for Christians. At Grove City, the Department of English believes that in order to formulate a Christian response, one must first grasp the ideas and forms presented by the author.

As part of their requirements, English majors complete survey courses in English, American and world literature, take at least one course in Shakespeare, and select classes from various genres and time periods. Special studies in writing, oral interpretation, grammar and literary criticism are also available.

Students can choose to earn a secondary teaching certification in English by including coursework in education, communication, psychology and computer science.

The English program additionally offers three minors for students interested in supplementing their work in other programs. Open to all students, the minors in English, Theatre, and Classical Studies require 18-21 credits of literature and related disciplines which can serve to enrich those majoring in either the liberal arts or sciences.

Through their study of literature, students in the field of English glean both knowledge and wisdom. During their study, their passion for reading becomes a tool that equips them to lead others in the search for truth.

Bethany Toews
Class of 2005
Lancaster, Pa.