CSLIS Conference Schedule


Thursday evening, April 3

7:15 – 8:00      Registration and Informal Reception with refreshments         Pew Entrance


8:00 – 8:45      Dramatic Presentation of Lewis’s novel

                              Till We Have Faces                                                                              Little Theater

                                                                                                                        (in Pew FAC)



Friday, April 4


8:00 – 8:30      Registration and Coffee                                                         HAL Atrium



8:30 – 8:55      Welcome and Introduction to Conference                             Sticht (in HAL)



9:00 – 9:45      Opening Address by James Como                                                  

                              The Screwtape Letters: Evil and Its Antidotes”                 Sticht



10:00 – 10:50


                SESSION 1A           Lewis: Redemption in Narnia                                                                   Sticht


                                Dr. Salwa Khoddam, Oklahoma State University

                                                “Across the Deep Sea to the Sacred Garden of Restoration,

                                                                                 in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


                                Dr. Pamela Jordan, Taylor University

                                                “A Redeemed Life: Edmund Pevensie as an Example of

                                                                                 Lewis’s ‘New Kind of Man’”



                SESSION 1B            Tolkien: Etymology and Ecology                                                             HAL 207


                                Dr. Woody Wendling, Temple University

                                                “The Riddle of Gollum:

                                                                Was Tolkien Inspired by Old Norse ‘Gold,’

                                                                 the Jewish ‘Golem,’ and the Christian Gospel?’


                                Susan Wendling,  New York C. S. Lewis Society

                                                “‘The Marvel of the Trees’: The Centrality of Trees

                                                                 in the Life and Legendarium of J.R.R. Tolkien”




11:00 – 12:00


                SESSION 2A           Lewis and the Influence of Myth and Legend                                                Sticht


                                Linda Greenwood, Doctoral Student at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland

                                                “In Quest of King Arthur:

                                                The Refracted Medievalism of Charles Williams and C. S. Lewis”


                                Kazia Estrada, Graduate Student, University of Texas at San Antonio

                                                “The Malevolent Figure of Lilith

                                                in George MacDonald’s Lilith and the Chronicles of Narnia”


                SESSION 2B            Recovering Lewis’s Preface to Paradise Lost HAL 3044


                                Dr. Larry E. Fink, Hardin-Simmons University

                                                “A Preface to Paradise Lost in the Classroom”


                                Charlotte Ostermann, Visiting Lecturer (U. of Kansas) and writer

                                                “Tertiary Epic: Lewis’s Space Trilogy and A Preface to Paradise Lost


                SESSION 2C            Tolkien and Ethical Issues                                                                          HAL 302


                                Beckie Willard, Undergraduate, Waynesburg University

                                                “Deforestation and Tolkien”


                                Chris Canning, Undergraduate, Waynesburg University

                                                “Viewpoints on Suicide: Tolkien’s Perspective”


                                Abigail Jackson, Undergraduate, Waynesburg University

                                                “Tolkien Versus Genetic Engineering”



12:00 – 1:00    LUNCH                                                                                 The Great Room

                (Breen Student Union)


 1:00 – 2:10                


                SESSION 3A              Searching for Lewis's Sources                                                                   Sticht


                                Dr. Joe R. Christopher, Retired Professor, Tarleton State University

                                                “Early Influences of William Morris on C. S. Lewis” 


                                Dr. Jonathan Himes, John Brown University

                                                “C. S. Lewis’s Celticisms and the Influence of W. B. Yeats”


                                John McGeary, Undergraduate, Geneva College 

                                                “‘Excellent Poetry’: C. S. Lewis and Jungian Archetypes”


                SESSION 3B            The Inklings and the Modern Myth of Progress                                       The Great Room

                                                                                                                                                                 (Breen Student Union)

                                The Rev Dr. Clay J. Brown, First Presbyterian Church, Mooresville, NC

                                                “An Unlikely Convergence:

                                                Michel Foucault, C.S. Lewis and their Critique of the Myth of Progress”


                                Zach Kincaid, Director of The Matthew’s House Project

                                                “Chesterton and Shaw: A Progressive Friendship”


                                Joel Musser, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “Chesterton and Lewis:

                                                Modern Mystics Confronting the Modern Myth of Rationality”


                SESSION 3C            The Inklings and Literary Theory                                                                HAL 307 


                                Noelle Davies, Graduate Student, Baylor University

                                                “Guido in Robert Browning’s

                                                The Ring and the Book: A Sayersian Reading”


                                Christopher Assenza, Graduate Student, Duquesne University

                                                “Literary Experience, Myth, and Till We Have Faces


                                Dr. Branson Woodard, Liberty University

                                                “A Theory of Reflection in C. S. Lewis

                                                and the Future of Literary Criticism”




2:20 – 3:30   


                SESSION 4A           Dorothy L. Sayers: Work, Women, and God                                                           Sticht


                                Dr. Janice Brown, Grove City College

                                                “Dorothy L. Sayers and Anglican Essentials”


                                Dr. Amanda E. Himes, John Brown University

                                                “Detecting Spinsters in the Novels of Dorothy L. Sayers”


                                Lauren Schuelke, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “Sayers’s Sacramental View of Work”


                SESSION 4B            George MacDonald: The Godly Visionary                                                               HAL 112


                                Dr. Mark Hall, Oral Roberts University

                                                “‘The Good Death’: MacDonald’s Influence on

                                                Images of the Hereafter in Lewis, Tolkien and Williams”


                                Geoffrey Richard Reiter, Graduate Student, Baylor University

                                                “‘Down the Winding-Stair’:

                                                The Primaeval Ecology of MacDonald’s ‘The Golden Key’”


                                Ginger Stelle, Graduate Student, Baylor University

                                                “‘The Sicht Without the Een is Better nor the Sicht o’ the Een’:

                                                Spiritual and Physical Sight in MacDonald’s Alec Forbes of Howglen


                SESSION 4C            Community, Self-Surrender, and Substitution in Lewis’s Fiction                             HAL 105  


                                Dr. Jan Prewitt, Kendall College of Art and Design  

                                                “St. Anne’s: Lewis’s Community of Saints”


                                Renada Arens, Undergraduate, Grove City College                 

                                                “A Life Unmade: the Self Surrender of Jane and Orual”


                                Amanda Becker, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “A Mirror of the Soul: Substituted Love and the Image

                                                of Beauty in Descent Into Hell and Till We Have Faces




3:40 – 4:40      Film: Beyond Narnia                                                             Sticht



5:00 – 5:35      Evensong                                                                                Harbison Chapel



5:45 – 7:45      Banquet, James Como                                                          Old MAP Cafeteria   

                        “Militant and Mild:

                        A Meditation on Aidos, Hope, and C. S. Lewis’s Saints”



8:00 – 8:45      Dramatic Presentation: Scenes from

                                    Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury                                  Harbison Chapel








Saturday, April 5                                                                    


8:30                      Coffee                                                                                                                   HAL Atrium

9:00 – 9:45        Address by Jerry Root                                                         Sticht

                        “C.S. Lewis’s Rhetorical Point: ‘Reality is Iconoclastic’”



10:00 – 10:50             


                SESSION 5A           Lewis: Parallels to Narnia, Then and Now                                                 Sticht


                                Dr. Ann Rea, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

                                                “The Collaborator, the Tyrant, and the Resistance:

                                                C. S. Lewis’s Narnia as an Allegory of England

                                                in the Second World War”


                                Dr. Sheba Kulothungan-George, Dallas Baptist University

                                                “The Saints, the Myth, and the Magic:

                                                A Comparative Study of C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling”


                SESSION 5B            "Tolkien versus Jackson" and “Good versus Evil”                                 HAL 110


                                Dr. David Rozema, University of Nebraska at Kearney

                                                “Tolkien, Jackson, and the ‘Core of the Original’”


                                Prof. Elizabeth Crowll, Youngstown State University

                                                “Light Versus Shadow: Manifestations

                                                of Good and Evil in Middle Earth”


11:00 – 12:00


                SESSION 6A           Charles Williams: The Choice of Fire or Fire                                           Sticht 


                                Elizabeth Miller, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “The Living Word in Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury


                                Jessica Garver, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “The Redemptive Value of Work in

                                                The Zeal of Thy House and Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury


                                Joshua Bryant, Undergraduate, Grove City College

                                                “Descending into Hell Through the Perversion of Romantic Love”


SESSION 6B            Inkling Foreshadowings                                                                           HAL 110


                                Dr. Anita G. Gorman, Slippery Rock University,

                                     and Prof. Leslie Robertson Mateer, Pennsylvania State University

                                                “Amanda McKittrick Ros and the Inklings”


                                Anna M. Blanch, Graduate Student, Baylor University

                                                “‘It’s All in Books’: Children and Reading

                                                in E. Nesbit’s Fiction for Children”


                                Eleanor Bourg Donlon, Assistant Editor for ‘Dappled Things’ Website

                                                “The Legacy of Josephine Ward”                                            



12:00 – 12:40  LUNCH                                                                                  HAL Atrium 


12:50 – 1:35    Address by Jerry Root                                                         Sticht

                              “C.S. Lewis and the Rhetoric of Spiritual Pilgrimage”


1:45 – 2:30       Panel:

                              James Como, Jerry Root, and other Inkling scholars                                Sticht


2:45 – 3:30       Afternoon Tea                                                                       HAL Atrium