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To Prospective Students:

Why Study History?

History is a broad discipline that covers all time periods and places.  By studying the past we can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the present and better and anticipate and plan for the future.  The study of history provides a context to help us make sense of our own times and lives, avoid the mistakes of the past, and build on beneficial developments.  The study of history furnishes many helpful role models, both good and bad ones, which can guide our actions in the present and future.

Moreover, studying history is fun.  It enables us to learn about intriguing, engaging people, both ordinary ones like ourselves and vitally important ones who have played major roles in the world.  We learn about groups, organizations, institutions, trends, developments, and interpretations of events.  History can be studied globally, regionally, nationally, or locally.  Historians examine and write about events and people from humanity’s earliest existence on earth to the present.  Historians study many different historical aspects, including intellectual, political, religious, military, social, cultural, athletic, and economic ones.  As a discipline, History has many affinities with Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Literature, and Religious Studies.  Nevertheless, History is unique as a discipline because every other academic field has a history. 

Many people are fascinated by history.  Historical books, especially biographies, sell very well.  Many films and television shows explore historical topics.  Millions of people visit historical sites every year.  Such sites are among the most popular vacation destinations around the world. 

In addition to helping prepare individuals for careers in teaching, law, ministry, business, government, the military, journalism, and many other fields, the study of history will improve students’ research, analytical, writing, and critical reasoning skills. 

We invite you to study the captivating world of history with us at Grove City College.

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