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The Student Research Showcase is a poster display of research that has been completed at Grove City College or has been sponsored by the college. The event began in the spring of 2009 and takes place twice a year, both during Homecoming in the Fall and during Parents' Weekend in the spring. The goal of the showcase is to display this research for students, faculty, alumni, parent, family and friends to see.

The research that has been included in the Showcase includes summer research done by by Swezey Fellows, students doing research projects for a class, and less formal research collaboration during the academic year.

The first Student Research Showcase was held during Parentsí Weekend 2009 in the Atrium of the Hall of Arts and Letters. There were 19 posters representing 32 students at the event. Below are some pictures of the posters from this showcase.




A second showcase was held during Homecoming in October 2009. This showcase took place in the commuter lounge in the Breen Student Union. There were 19 posters at this event representing the work of 34 students from 10 departments.




Poster Examples

Below are some example poster from the Homecoming 2009 session of the Student Research Showcase. All posters are in pdf format usually in size A0 paper.


Aesthetics and Architecture: Art as Text in Dubai, by Anna Wood


The Impact of Institutionalization of Juvenile Crime,  by Lisa Herman


Identifying Student Difficulties with Pressure in a Fluid, by Adam Moyer, Sam Cohen, and Dr. D. J. Wagner 


Maternal Genetic Variance Determined by Sequencing Odocoileus Virginianus (White Tailed Deer) mtDNA D-Loop,

by Lara Linden, Jacqueline McCullough, Mark Gooss, Andrew Berglund, Dr. Durwood B. Ray, Dr. Fredrick J. Brenner


The Troubles: Divided Theory and Discordant Reality, How Theories of the Northern Ireland Conflict Shape Its Reality,

by Bethany McCune


Characterizing the Effects of Diazinon on Zebrafish Growth and Survival, by Stephen F. Mowery, Marissa K. Priestap, and Dr. Suzanna L. Gribble


The Strong Symmetric Genus of Small D-type Generalized Symmetric Groups, by Michelle Bowser, Trevor Partridge, and Kirsten Rodgers


Effects of Short Crank Use on Delta Efficiency in Recumbent Cycling, by Dr. C. Mark Archibald, Tyler K. Baker


Integer Ray Tracing, by Jared Heinly, Shawn Recker, Kevin Bensema, Jesse Porch, and Dr. Christiaan Gribble


Larval Behavioral Response to Turbulence in Eastern Oyster, by Peter Staats


The Effects of Objectifying Advertisement on Body Dissatisfaction and Anxiety, by Melissa J. Brown, Katherine S. Fritz, Darrius C. Pugh, Kyle L. Johnson, Seth J. Zimmerman, and Joseph J. Horton



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