Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages

The program of language studies at Grove City College has been developed to enhance the communicative, cultural, and vocational benefits of language study. Thus the Department provides courses to increase language proficiency, courses on the literature of great writers, courses dealing with history and civilization, and courses to illustrate the expanding role of language in the social, political, and commercial areas of today’s world.



Ø A variety of modern languages:  Chinese, French, German & Spanish

      Majors in: French; French with certification in K-12 French Education

                      Spanish; Spanish with certification in K-12 French Education

      Minors in: Chinese, French & German       

Ø Fun co-curricular activities

                Language Tables                                            National French Week

                International Food Fair                                   Service Projects       

                Movie Nights                                                 Local Spanish Church services   

                International Praise & Worship Service           & much more!


                          Departmental organizations:

          Alpha Mu Gamma -- foreign language honorary

          French Club

          Spanish Club

          Chinese Club


                Valuable resources:

                                     Stevenson Language Laboratory

                                               Hamilton Curriculum Library


Ø Small, communicative classes

     Individualized instruction

     Get to know your professors and classmates in & out of the classroom   


Ø Opportunities in International Education

         Extensive faculty experience in travel and study abroad

    Work closely with the Office of International Education

    The freedom to choose the program that best meets your needs


Ø Graduates and Alumni in diverse fields

    A unique position in the marketplace

     Language majors and minors work very well in combination with other majors and minors


Learning Goals

Degree Offerings

Course Evaluation

General Objectives


Learning Goals:
Our departmental majors and minors are designed to promote the ability to:

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Degree Offerings

The degrees and offerings are: B.A. in French and French/Secondary Education; B.A. in Spanish and Spanish/Secondary Education; and minors in Chinese, French, or German.

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Course Evaluation

Proficiency evaluation takes place in each course through the use of essays, quizzes, oral reports, written examinations, daily observation, term papers, highly individualized oral sessions tailored to the needs of the individual student, etc. The program is arranged so that the courses are sufficiently stringent. The requirements seek to properly address the many facets of language proficiency. Our assessments are proficiency-based and inspired by the Provisional Proficiency Guidelines as drawn up by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Our tests allow the students’ communicative competence in all four skill areas (plus culture) to be evaluated in a wide variety of situations and modalities.

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General Objectives

The general objectives of the programs in Modern Languages are:

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