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Physics Club Officers

Peter Foster Trisha Ingraham Matthew Giesmann

President - Peter Foster
Email: FosterPW1@gcc.edu

Peter Foster is a senior physics, chemistry and math triple major who is interested in physical chemistry and atomic, optical and molecular physics. His goal is to head to graduate school next fall to pursue these interests. In the time left over after his three majors, he sings in the Grove City Touring Choir and the Grove City Glee Club, plays in the Wolverine Marching Band and is President of the Physics Club. He is also involved in the leadership of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Life Advocates and Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honorary. At one time it was rumored that Peter occasionally slept, but this rumor and since been revealed to be false

Vice President - Trisha Ingraham
Email: IngrahamPN1@gcc.edu

Trisha Ingraham is a senior Applied Physics major. She is interested in medical physics and biophysics and plans to attend graduate school (somewhere) post-graduation. Her favorite things are warm socks, climbing trees, and eating vegetables, and she is super pumped to be Vice President of the GCC Physics Club.

Secretary - Matthew Giesmann
Email: GiesmannMC1@gcc.edu

Matthew is rising Senior at GCC who enjoys playing and organizing IM sports, music of all kinds, and books about cellular automata. He studies Physics and Computer Software and plans on working in the software industry after school.

Allen Scheie Sam Niehaus Michael Royster

Treasurer - Allen Scheie
Email: ScheieAO1@gcc.edu

Allen is a junior physics and philosophy double major from Cincinnati, Ohio. For those who are curious, his favorite area of physics is probably mechanics, and his favorite area of philosophy is epistemology. In his time as a Grove City student, he has researched nanotechnology with Dr. Wolinski, interned for Congress on the Science Committee, won a national debate tournament, met two Nobel Laureates, and have recited the periodic table in four breaths. In his spare time, he enjoy reading, piano, backpacking, and debate, with a little frisbee-golf on the side. He also prefer blackboards to whiteboards.

Chaplain - Sam Niehaus
Email: NiehausSE1@gcc.edu

Defining Characteristics: Tall, Often Sleepy or Confused, Loves him some Jesus

Abilities: Loudness(-20 to Stealth, fortifies Charisma +10), Finagle (+15 to Repurpose Object)

Behavioral Patterns: Enjoys lounging with friends. Conversations usually turn to something completely trivial or incredibly important. Goes to bed early.

Warnings: Will hug on contact.

Webmaster - Michael Royster
Email: RoysterMS1@gcc.edu

Michael Royster is a senior physics and software development major. His current interests lie in quantum algorithms, which he hopes to study in graduate school. In his oh so copious free time, he sings with the Glee Club and repairs computers at the TLC. Sometimes he even sleeps. Sleep is good.

Libby Carbone Matthew Goszewski David Lewis

Outreach Coordinator - Libby Carbone
Email: CarboneLA1@gcc.edu

Libby Carbone is a junior Physics Secondary Education major. She plays soccer and euchre for fun and loves camping, hiking, and sunsets. She is basically pumped about life.

Outreach Coordinator - Matthew T.O.M. Goszewski
Email: GoszewskiMT1@gcc.edu

Hi, I’m Matthew Goszewski. I am a Physics/General Science/Secondary Education major who loves helping people learn and get excited about physics. I hail from Depew which is near Buffalo, NY and am a Bills and Sabres fan for life. I enjoy playing volleyball and Frisbee as well as designing physics experiments for people to do at home.

Outreach Coordinator - David Lewis
Email: LewisDC1@gcc.edu

David Lewis is a senior applied physics major with a pre-med concentration. Among the more common things of collegiate life, he sometimes finds sudden inspiration to tackle unrelated activities (vegetable and grain gardening, musical instruments, baking bread, brewing wheat beer, audio mixing). When no such inspiration manifests itself, he enjoys talking with friends and singing with the GLEE Club.

Emily Hare Garrett Griffin Nathaniel Rupprecht

Historian - Emily Hare
Email: HareEJ1@gcc.edu

Emily enjoys a good novel, walks in the wood and the BBC Versions of most classics. As a history major, she happened into the physics club by chance. She decided to stick around after my first event where she met Peter, Peter, Peter, and NOT Peter.

Sergeant at Arms - Garrett Griffin
Email: GriffinGW1@gcc.edu

My name is Garrett Griffin, and I’ll be a senior and the physics club’s Sergeant at Arms this year. In my spare time I enjoy playing fantasy football and table games such as foosball and ping pong. After I graduate from GCC I will be getting commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy. I am really looking forward to spending time hanging out with the physics club members this year, and I know that we are going to make it a lot of fun.

Sergeant at Arms - Nathaniel Rupprecht
Email: RupprechtNC1@gcc.edu

Nathaniel is a junior physics major. He enjoys reading books on math and physics, playing Frisbee and soccer, and playing musical instruments. He is interested in theoretical physics, quantum computing, number theory, abstract algebra, artificial intelligence, and a variety of other topics. He also enjoys eating good food, walking in the mountains, or being on the beach.


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