Associate   Professor of Physics 

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PHYS 122
 PHYS 310



Research Interests:

I am currently working with students to refurbish an ultra-fast laser system.  I also conduct research into polymer dynamics and recently started a collaboration with faculty from the University of Costa Rica in research on thin-film metal hydrides.  Finally, I am working with our Office of International Education to create a semester abroad program that is easily accessible to our physics majors.


Ph.D., Applied Physics, UMBC, 5/96

M.S., Applied Physics, UMBC, 5/93

B.S., Physics, Bucknell Univ., 5/91

Prior positions:

Assistant Professor, Youngstown State Univ.

Instructor, Villa Julie College.

Interests and Hobbies:

International missions, science and faith studies, hunting, and camping.