Assistant   Professor of Engineering and Physics  

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PHYS 288
 PHYS 304
 ENGR 156



Research Interests:

Previous research experience includes a theoretical and experimental study of the electrophoretic motion of nonspherical, nonuniformly charged colloidal particles; and a study of the morphology of polymeric micelles and their interactions with each other using static light scattering, dynamic light scattering, small-angle x-ray scattering, and small-angle neutron scattering.


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Univ.

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Grove City College

Professional Experience and Additional Study:

R&D Scientist/Process Engineer at Aristech Acrylics, LLC

Research Project Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor of Polymerization Research, Senior Staff Scientist, and Corporate Scientist positions at Aristech Chemical Corporation

Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford Univ.

IRI/Kellogg Technology Managers Development Program at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern Univ.

Interests and Hobbies:

outdoor activities such as whitewater kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing, bicycling, climbing, and camping