Associate   Professor of Physics and Astronomy  

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ASTR 206
 PHYS 121
 SCIC 201 Lab



Research Interests:

   One of the most exciting areas of astrophysical research today is the search for and study of planets around other stars.  There are several techniques which utilize the increasing ability of CCD detectors and spectrometers and a few hundred exoplanets have been discovered so far.  I am interested specifically in the radial velocity and transit techniques.  We will be utilizing the new GCC observatory for our own studies and are interested in collaborating with other groups from several universities.  Opportunities are available for undergraduate research in this emerging field.


Ph.D., Astronomy, Univ. of Washington, 9/93

B.S., Astronomy & Physics, Univ. of Arizona, 6/87

Prior positions:

post-doc, Univ. of Texas, Austin

post-doc, Univ. of Washington

assistant professor, Iowa State Univ.

Interests and Hobbies: