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   Grove City sponsors several national physics organizations, among them the Physics Club and Sigma Pi Sigma.  The GCC Physics Club is a branch of the Society for Physics Students, while Sigma Pi Sigma is an honorary which recognizes outstanding achievements in the are a of physics.  To learn more about these clubs and their activities, simply continue down the page.


Physics Club

Advisor: Dr. DJ Wagner
President: Ben Carlson

VP: David Smith

Treasurer: Brianna Dillon

Secretary: Shaun Mills

Outreach Coordinator: Ashley Cetnar


Join the Physics Club!
It is easy to become a member.  Just send us your name, year, mail box #, and declared major to this email address.  You don't have to be a physics major to join!


    The Physics Club, formed in 1962, is designed particularly for students interested in physics and related sciences. A division of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), the purpose of the club is to encourage a broader knowledge of physics and an understanding of the field of physics. Meetings are held once a month and include speakers, movies and tours of industrial research centers. 


    As many of you know, our annual fundraiser is the Rent-a-Student event, where Physics Club members spend 3-4 hours raking leaves, cleaning, or helping out in other ways in exchange for a donation to the Physics Club.  Students who participate in the fundraiser receive either a discount on the annual Physics Club T-shirt, or free admission into our All-Nighter in January.  (** Insert interesting comment about this years rent-a-student **)


Dr. Wagner has recently been named Councilor for Zone 7, the four-state section of SPS which includes Grove City.


Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary

Advisor: Dr. DJ Wagner                                                                    

President: Kathleen Gilbert


The Grove City Chapter of the National Physics Honorary Society, known as Sigma Pi Sigma, is for students who demonstrate high scholastic achievement in the physics field.  For more information about this prestigious society, visit http://www.spsnational.org/partnerships/sigma.htm



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