Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at GCC



General Education Requirements for GCC


                                                                                       BA and BS                     BSEE, BSME, BM,

                                                                                      (non-science)                     and BS (science)

Humanities Core (Civilization Series)                            18 hours                                  18 hours

Science, Faith and Technology                                          3 hours                                    3 hours

Foundations of the Social Sciences                                   3 hours                                    3 hours

Quantitative/Logical Reasoning                                        6 hours                                    6 hours

Natural Sciences (with laboratories)                                 8 hours                                    8 hours

Physical Education                                                             2 hours                                    2 hours

Foreign Language                                                              6 hours                                    0 hours

                                                                Total                 46 hours                                  40 hours


NOTE: In many cases, courses that students take to satisfy the requirements for a major

will also satisfy general education requirements. For example, engineering students are already

required to take more than the minimum natural science courses, and business students already

take some math and statistics courses.


Each student is required to fulfill the general education and major specific requirements

listed in the Grove City College Bulletin (the Catalog) (in .pdf format) for the year in which he/she matriculates

to the College as a full-time freshman student, or in the case of a transfer student, the

year he/she initially transfers to the College. If a student withdraws from the College and

returns within one year, he/she may continue to follow his/her original Catalog requirements.

However, if a student is away from the College for over one year, he/she must then

follow the requirements listed in the Catalog year of the year of his/her return to the College.

A student may choose to follow the requirements of a later Catalog, but he/she must then

fulfill both the major and general education requirements outlined and required in that

Catalog edition.



Specific Requirements of the BA and Minor in Political Science


Course Requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science (POLS) (37 hours)

Core Requirements (22 hours):

        Political Science 101, 104, 201, 204, and 277.

        One course from Political Science 255 or 256.

        One course from Political Science 309 or 350.

Political Science Clusters (12 hours):

        Choose at least two courses from at least two of the following clusters for a total of

        12 hours:

American Politics:

        Political Science 304, 306, 308, 309, 319; History 317 or 318.

Comparative/International Relations:

        Political Science 301, 302, 303, 323, 333, 341, 342, or 344.

Political Theory: Political Science 206, 255, 256, or 354.

        (If both 255 and 256 are taken, only one can count toward this cluster, and the other

        one will count toward the core requirements.)

Washington Internship Program (Political Science 481):

        Summer session for six hours counts as one cluster.

        Fall or Spring semester for twelve hours counts for two clusters.

Political Science Electives (3 hours):

        Choose three additional hours of Political Science electives.

Courses that count in the POLS major quality point average (MQPA):

        All courses with “POLS” prefix, HIST 317, and HIST 318. A minimum MQPA of 2.00

        is required to graduate.



Course Requirements for a minor in Political Science (18 hours)

Political Science Core (15 hours):

        Political Science 101, 104, 201, and 204.

        One course from Political Science 106, 256, or 350.

Political Science electives (3 hours):

        Choose three hours from courses with POLS prefix.


Course Requirements for a minor in National Security Studies (18 hours)

National Security Core (12 hours):

        Political Science 302, 303, 335, and History 336

National Security Electives (6 hours):

        Choose two courses from Political Science 341, 342, 344, and History 375



For ease of planning out your four year program of study in Political Science, we have created a Status Sheet for Political Science that is updated each year (click on the picture below).  The document is .pdf format.