Political Science Course Syllabi

These are recent or current syllabi in use by faculty in the department.  Students should check with the faculty member to ensure that syllabi are up to date, as updates to this page are made only twice per year.

POLS 101 Foundations of Political Science (Coulter)

POLS 104 International Politics (Folkertsma)

POLS 201 Comparative Politics

POLS 204 American National Government (Folkertsma)

                 American National Government (Coulter)

POLS 255 Classical Political Thought (Coulter)

POLS 256 Modern Political Thought (Coulter)

POLS 277 Research Methods in Political Science (Stanton)

POLS 301 Issues in Global Politics (Stanton)

International Environmental Politics

International Security Theory

Human Rights

International Political Economy

POLS 302 National Security (Stanton)

POLS 303 Great Power Politics (Folkertsma)

POLS 304 Congress and the Presidency (Folkertsma)

POLS 306 Political Parties and Pressure Groups (Coulter)

POLS 308 Public Policy (Coulter)

POLS 309 State and Local Politics (Coulter)

POLS 319 Public Administration

POLS 323 Latin American Politics

POLS 333 Major European Governments

POLS 341 African Politics (Stanton)

POLS 342 Middle Eastern Politics

POLS 344 Asian Politics (Stanton)

POLS 350 American Political Thought (Folkertsma)

POLS 354 Marxism