The Department of Political Science seeks to educate students about the social and political world and those disciplines that have historically sought to apply humanistic and scientific principles to describe and explain human behavior at all levels, from an unapologetically Christian point of view.


In fulfilling this mission, we are fully committed to the following goals. First, we strive to offer exceptional majors, minors, and courses by providing professional instruction and well-designed curricula, which thoroughly ground our students in the facts, theories and methods of Political Science, in a manner that is intellectually excellent, practical, and glorifying to God. Second, we foster interdisciplinary scholarship and cooperation within the social sciences that maximize the quality of individual and collective efforts inside, as well as outside the classroom, and which ultimately rests upon philosophical premises consistent with Biblical truth. Third, we seek to promote the advancement of individual, economic, civil and religious liberty, morality, and responsibility through the content of our courses and other professional work, and through the character and ideals we model for, and inculate in, our students.

Contact Information:

Dr. Marvin Folkertsma, Chair

Department of Political Science

Grove City College

100 Campus Drive, Box 3072

Grove City, PA  16127